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*Half of them do NOT have main pages yet.  To know which one have hover your mouse over them and your mouse will become a pointing hand… pillow_handcursor

forbidden love it's out secret mistress contract

Arabian Nights ~ Desert Heat Love ~ Bidding of Love Contract Marriage Once upon a fairy tail StarStruck Love The Cinderella Contract Vampire Darling Contract Marriage+
romantic 3 kingdoms sengoku idol dormitory 7 husbands

Cinderella Midnight Destined to Love

Men of Yoshiwara Office lover Pub encounter shinsengumi

Devil Beside Me Devil in My Arms Forbidden Love Triangle ~ Love Academy Love Academy YAOI Love! Sushi Rangers Man With Pearl Earring Mystical Butterfly
Purelove Summer Snow ~First Love~ The Cradle of Thorns ~My Brother Belongs to Me~ The Seal of Lycoris Endless Love Lured into your trap

Arabian Nights ~Love Story~ My Sweet Proposal ~Will you marry me?~ Office Lover Royal Midnight kiss Sweet Scandal Sweet Scandal returns

Shall We Date
Angel or Devil+ Destiny Ninja+ Lost Island+ Magic Sword+ Mononoke Kiss+ My Fairy Tales+ My Sweet Prince+ Ninja Assassin+
Ninja Love+ Ninja Love GREE Scarlet Fate+ The Niflheim+ Wizardess Heart+ Blood in Roses+

Konkatsu For Marriage Actor to be  Angel or Devil Can't say No Heian Love Hero in Love Lost IslandMagic Sword 
Mononoke KissMy Fairy Tales My Sweet Prince Never Look Back Ninja Love Scarlet Fate School carnival Strawberry Kiss
Guilty Alice

My Forged Wedding: PARTY BMP PARTY sleepless cinderella party Sweet Cafe Gossip Girl: PARTY
10 Days With My Devil A Kiss of Revenge A Knight's Devotion Be My Princess Be My Princess 2 Class Trip Crush Dreamy Days in West Tokyo Enchanted in the Moonlight
Finally in Love First Love Diaries ~ A Kiss on the Beach In Your Arms Tonight In Your Arms Tonight 2 Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Love Letter From Thief X Metro PD: Close to You My Forged Wedding
MFW 7 kiss My Sweet Bodyguard Office Secrets Our two Bedroom Story Pirates in Love Seduced in the Sleepless Night Serendipity Next Door Our song
bird flying Sweet lies true love Star-Crossed Myth Her Love in the Force samurai time P; home butler

alise in the heart Days of Divine Nicole Always remember me Love and order Nikku SweetHeart Miranda's choice
Prison Prince~Hiding in Love~ ps i love u gackt Pay with a Kiss Sepia Tears 푸른하늘 은하수 Moe Cafe


18 thoughts on “Otome Games

    • Games I have..pictured…? You mean the CGs? I put the CGs with the walkthroughs…most of them don’t have CGs…because…I don’t have them…and too lazy to find them….orz sorry…but I have cantegorised the ones that have :>b
      Character Graphics


    • Hello!
      Uhm, my top three,
      1. Midnight Cinderella
      2. P.S.I Love You
      3. My Sweet Proposal
      Also, I think the new game Cybrid is about to release might fit into my top 3 O u O
      Have fun! ^^//


    • Oh yeah, I’m quite busy lately I barely keep up with my currently playing ones ;;;; So it will take awhile for me to make their WTs…;;; sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _;;)m (it’s just…school…)
      But I will make a WT when I get the time OuO/


  1. Will you do a walkthrough for a 1492 Studio otome game? It’s called “Is it love? Drogo”. There aren’t any walkthroughs for their games and even though their amazing, there aren’t many gameplays either.. please do one.


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