ID Share

~Share your IDs

Ninja Love–

Otome game Mine Other
Forbidden Love
It is Our Secret
Mistress Contract
Arabian Nights ~Desert Heat Love~
Bidding of Love
Cinderella Contract iOS: b3gjNv iOS: jemwxT
Once Upon a Fairy Tale iOS: jp6Hsa iOS: EVkSqz
StarStruck Love
Vampire Darling Android: 4kqAHY
Midnight Cinderella MTkVSAuM
Arabian Nights ~Love Story~
My Sweet Proposal iOS: 8ba7X4
Android: iM3UZY
Office Lover
Royal Midnight Kiss Android: RHFMPY pUYmq4
Sweet Scandal Returns
Shall We Date?
“Konkatsu” for marriage
Actor to be
Angel or Devil+ KdsaQC2ghU
Angel or Devil
Blood in Roses+
Can’t say No
Destiny Ninja EW979VW19C
Heian Love
Hero in Love
Lost Island+ LceZHe4QAJ
Lost Island
Magic Sword+
Magic Sword
Mononoke Kiss+ FyziTCtDvy iOS: Ed8FTeStc8
My Fairy Tales+ LSm0SPXLru
My Fairy Tales
My Sweet Prince+ G3GtHRxb4e
My Sweet Prince
Ninja Assassin+ K3KLZ8GN2w iOS: LxqrzKCUmu
Ninja Love+
Ninja Love
Never Look Back
Scarlet Fate+
Scarlet Fate
Strawberry Kiss
Wizardess Heart+
10 Days with My Devil 0I4g4ff
Be My Princess
Be My Princess: PARTY c7c26fe8 d713cb1e
Be My Princess 2 W21d1ZD
Dreamy Days in West Tokyo 4H9T0Uz
Enchanted in the Moonlight 3Fi4SK1
In Your Arms Tonight
Kiss of Revenge
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder x3N1m1x
Love Letter From Thief X
My Forged Wedding 10PF3yw
My Forged Wedding: PARTY 36ae701e 202d47a3
My Sweet Bodyguard
Office Secrets
Our Two Bedroom Story pXxj110
Pirates in Love
Prince’s proposal
Seduced in the Sleepless Night
Serendipity Next Door 1D5Tn3g
*Contact me to add your IDs*
*Please include the Game name and you platform*
*Good Luck and Yay! for those who got presents!*

32 thoughts on “ID Share

    • It depends on which company you’re playing. If it’s Accela: you have to find a button that says “Get # Coin by entering you invitation ID!!” or something similar.
      Arithmetic, OKKO and SWD?: It asks you for Invite ID around in the beginning of the tutorial, and you will get the reward after finishing the tutorial.
      Voltage paid: You can find a button in the corner with “campaign” or something of the sort. In there there will be something with inviting friends.
      Voltage PARTY: there will be a button not the TOP page with “Invite Code”

      Hope it was coherent ^^;; If you get confused, feel free to ask some more questions 🙂


  1. Hello, do you mind if I add my codes (iOS)?

    Cinderella Contract: jemwxT
    Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale: EVkSqz
    Midnight Cinderella: MTkVSAuM
    Ninja Assassin+: LxqrzKCUmu
    Mononoke Kiss+: Ed8FTeStc8

    thanks for sharing these!!!!


  2. Hi! i tweeted you before i found out how to leave replies on here, i’m playing midnight cinderella, and i don’t have any friends, i don’t know how to get my code or share it…just found it…its my player id, p0za5Mn2 think that’s it. Add me people! *^_^*


    • To add friends by ID go to: Menu (from My Page) -> Friends -> Find More Friends -> Search ID, enter the code and Search~!

      You’ll get error if you or the player you have searched already have 50 friends.


  3. Hi beautiful,
    If u guys ever need an event mate please invite my ID
    My forged wedding: af5b4fdf
    Be my princess: 1041880
    Sleepless Cinderella: 957315.
    I always play the events till it end. Thanks ^,^


    • Hii!
      Uwaa…Let’s see….
      1. Midnight Cinderella
      2. P.S. I Love You
      3. My sweet proposal
      4. SWD?: Nilfheim+
      5. SWD?: Blood in roses+
      Also, I think, the new game from Cybrid they’re about to release would fit into my top 3 O u O (I didn’t add here, because it’s still not out yet ;;; )
      Anyway, hope you enjoy playing them too~ ^7^//


  4. Hi, I can’t seem to find the invite code button for “My Forged Wedding : Party”. Where is it?><

    By the way, I would like to add my invite code^^ Its dcbd0cc3^^


    • Ahh, sorry for late reply ><;;;
      The invite code button used to be on the TOP page somewhere around at the bottom…(I also seem to can't find it…:T )

      I saw that Be My Princess: Party stopped the invite friends function, so I think it might be the same with MFW:Party too…;;^;;

      (o but I still added your code~ in case it's actually still working ^^; )


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