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I wrote down frequently asked questions and things I was confused about the games and added Hint and Tips. Please read this Page before you ask questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to ask in the comments including your device and the game you’re referring to. Thank you~ ^^

Shall We Date?


🌸 Acella

Q: How can I get my Invitation IDs?
A: You can get 5 different invitation IDs. On “My Page” there should be a button that says “Get up to # Coins for free!!” and when you scroll down a bit you’ll see a button that says “Earn Coins by using the invitation ID” (based on Mistress Contract), when you tap there you’ll get 1 code. To get it 5 times, you have to tap on the “Earn Coins by using the invitation ID” button 5 times. Not 5 times right away! You click once, get you code, go back and click again…and 5 times like that… You’ll also find there all your available IDs.

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🌸 Arithmetic/OKKO

Q: I don’t have enough affection points to pass a Special Scenario. How can I read it without using platinum/spending money?
~For old format like Office Lover and Bidding for Love: Make friends, nice dress them every day and collect in-game currency; then spin Love/Free gatcha. NOTE: You will get items with affection for all available route guys, you will not only be getting items for the guy you’re pursuing.

~For current format like Cinderella Contract and My Sweet Proposal: Collect gatcha points by battling/doing lessons successfully 5 times and spin His gatcha. Also there are gatcha events where you can spin with in-game-currency and receive items with affection points.

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🌸 Cybrid

Midnight Cinderella
Q: How can I add friends?
A: From My Page, tap/click on the Menu->Friends->Find More friends. Note: it can disappear when you reach your maximum number of friends.

Q: Where can I find my player ID?
A: From My Page, tap/click on the menu -> Game Stats.

Q: How to/ Can I change my suitor when I’m in the middle of another suitor’s story?
A: To change your suitor you either have to finish the current story or buy “New Suitor Key” from the Item shop with 150 Coins.

Q: Will my things be lost if I change my suitor?
A: Nothing will be lost. Only your grace will be reset. But the Total grace you have collected throughout the game will be accumulated.

Q: How can I restart the whole game?
A: In my opinion, you have to change your whole device account to start all over. Otherwise I don’t know…u.u

Q: Where can I find my stories obtained from Premium/ Gatcha/ Grab Bag?
A: Menu -> Sub Stories -> Choose the suitor

Q: How are you able to get lots of charm points in short amount of time in events without spending real money?
A: Before the event starts, I accumulate my stamina recovery items and Makeup Palettes (charm points). Then use them on the events I wish to full clear (really take liking to the gifts/stories; fav characters, etc.) and only during fever time.

Q: How to fill my suitor’s Heart Gauge?

A: You can get a heart for every accumualted 20,000 Grace points of the individual suitor; by picking the Ultra Rare piece from the Garden Gatcha.

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🌸 Shall We Date?

Q: How does the Charm checkpoint work?
A: The charm requirement will increase according to how many charm checkpoints you have cleared. Not based on where in the story you are going.

Q: Will my things reset if I change my guy?
A: In the old game setting, you can; in the new one, your story process and points will be reset. Your Total points will still be there.

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🌸 Voltage

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18 thoughts on “FAQ & Tips

  1. Hi!

    I was just wondering, is there any way to view the classroom script &/or conversations in the Shall We Date:Wizardess Hearts game?


    • Hello!
      Sorry for late reply! And ‘classroom script?’ I’m not sure what you mean. If you mean the conversations in the story, you can click on the ‘history’ button while in the story. (Note: it only shows a few parts you already read.)


    • As far as I know, if you can’t open the game, or didn’t write it down, or don’t remember, then there isn’t a way to find it. Otherwise, I heard that, if you know your ID, your suitor at the time and some other specific facts, you can contact the developers to retrieve your game data.


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