Just Playing Around ^~^

Ahahah this is hilarious and so cute~~~♥♥♥ XD
I was trying to make a gif from jumping Joshua and when I uploaded the pictures the random order made it so funny xD

1st funny He’s like glancing around and looking for a moment to jump xD

How I originally wanted it to be:
*The BG moves a little bit…I tried fixing it, but couldn’t make it right…😥


GREE Games Closing

GREE has announced that Be My Princess, My Sweet Bodyguard and Celebrity Darling are going to come to an end.

In their message:
1. Updates: Due to removal of GREE Apps from online markets, version updates will no longer be available from November 25th 6.00AM (UTC)

2. Re-installing: Once GREE Apps are deleted from a device, re-installation through Google Play or App Store will no longer be possible after November 25th 6.00AM (UTC)

3. Installing: Installing GREE Apps on a new device will no longer be possible through Google Play or App Store from November 25th 6.00AM (UTC)

4. Items and avatars will only be available to purchase until October 23rd 6.00AM (UTC)

5. There will be no refund for your coins. Please be sure to use them by November 25th 6.00AM (UTC)

6. After November 25th 6.00AM (UTC) GREE Apps will no longer be playable even if it’s in the device.

It is so sad that they are closing, it feels like my heart is being torn apart

But the good thing is, we still have the non-GREE Apps where you can purchase the stories. So we are not parting with our Princes, guards and celebrities forever. And I hope the non-GREE ones will be available forever.

**Big Gratuities to Volatge Inc. for the amazing stories!
thank you
Hopefully after closing the current GREE ones, Voltage will launch new GREE Apps like “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder,” “Gossip Girl” and more in English 🙂