Happy New Year 2016!!!

new year 2015 2016
Happy New Year Everyone~!!
Thank you so much for the support and contributions in 2015! Please take care of me in 2016 too!

And a little life update under the cut…

In 2015, I suddenly decided to use my Wacom tablet that had been sitting around here, collecting dust since 2013. When I first used my tablet, in 2013, it felt weird and uncomfortable (which is typical for a starter). Also, I didn’t have much information about good drawing softwares, so ended up not using.
Then around beginning of 2015, I came across speed paints on youtube. Then from that, a chain of events happened, I made a DeviantArt, bought myself Paint Tool Sai, made an account on Picarto to live stream, etc… All in all, I started drawing digitally and made use of my tablet. Now it’s like a part of me, I use it all the time; sometimes using a mouse feels a bit weird now…www.

Having started drawing everyday, it doesn’t mean I’m not playing otome games anymore tho! I’m still checking up on my husbandoes and boyfriedoes (which are increasing with every new game and every finished routes…) everyday and updating the blog whenever I get the chance ^q^

Oh ye, also, I’m a senior in my uni and hoping to pass my classes and graduate this spring (the ceremony will be held in May 2016). So…expecting a busy, hell life till May…TT0TT
After that, I will be moving back to my home country! ^7^ (Home, sweet home!)
Anyway, that’s all for what’s going on with my life.

Hope you all are having a good start with the new year!
And by the way, have you made a list of 2016 resolutions yet? If you did, what are they? (cuz, I haven’t…tho hoping to write down a few stuff and decorate it before first day of the year ends…orz;; )

In any case, hope 2016 will be a successful and productive year with full of good surprises! (/◕ヮ◕)/
Thank you so much for reading!
Luv Sumire <333

Art & Characters (c) Me


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