[Event][Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~ Lovin’ You ~ My Sleepy Hubby’s Dilemma

~ Lovin’ You ~ My Sleepy Hubby’s Dilemma ~

⏰ Period:
~ Until May 1st 3AM (UTC)/ April 30th 10PM (EDT)

⏰ Walkthrough:
[Stage 1]
A: Play it off by saying nothing happened. (+200)
B: “I’m just happy to see all of you”

[Stage 2]
A: “How cute…”
B: “Me too.” (+200)

Avatar Mission:
School Uniform Bow Tie (Charm +45) ~ 4000 Mari/ 300 Coin

[Stage 3]
A: Forcibly handing him the puppy.
B: Trying to give the puppy a kiss. (+200)

[Stage 4]
Happy Ending:
A: Honestly agree.
B: “You’re not an excellent husband, then?” (+200)

[Stage 1]
A: “I really dislike sexual harassment.”
B: “Some people like arrogant men.” (+200)

[Stage 2]
Avatar Mission:
School Shoes and Socks (Charm +60) ~ 7000 Mari/ 400 Coin

A: “It’s not just with me though,is it?”
B: “You don’t think of me as a girl,do you?” (+200)

[Stage 3]
A: Withdraw.
B: Stand my ground. (+200)

[Stage 4]
Happy Ending:
B: “To marry the person I love.” (+200)


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