Lured into Your Trap


A Romance Novel for the mature adult audience!!
The romance novels that are featured in KOYONPLETE. There will not be any choices, but you will be able to experience the touching moments that are aimed toward the matured audience.
Story My cousin, Yu, suddenly became our new family member. A victim of domestic violence in the past, he was a quiet boy.
As time passes, Yu has grown up and is now a university student aiming to become a doctor.
Through all the years, our relationship has changed, and eventually I start to see Yu as a “man”.
Yu is still a 22-year-old university student, but I am already 7 years older than him.
I have no plans of ruining a youngster’s bright future by confessing my feelings to him.
We laughed together, cried together, shared secrets together, and – we fell in love together.
The unspoken love I had with the problem child, Yu.
The heartbreaking teenage love between the two of us.
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