[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Ninja Assassin+ ~ Kinshiro

My Invite ID: K3KLZ8GN2w

~Stylish level checkpoint vary from the last checkpoint you cleared. If you pass checkpoint for 300 Points requirement on one of the guys routine, the next checkpoint level will be 900 on whichever guys routine you pick.
~To get the Sweet End you have to purchase the ritual arrow (245NA-Coins) or play slot and accrue 10 ritual arrow coupons and exchange it into one ritual arrow.

[Chapter 1]
1.4 “Yes, I am.”
1.6 “No.”
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 2]
2.2 “You look handsome.”
2.9 “Yes!”
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[Chapter 3]
3.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint
3.7 “Kinshiro, say something!”
3.10 “No.”
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[Chapter 4]
4.3 “Yes.”
4.4 “Won’t you regret bringing me here?”
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[Chapter 5]
5.3 Item Checkpoint ~ Require x5 Purses
5.6 “Understood.”
5.8 “I can’t.”
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 6]
6.1 “Are you sure this is okay?”
6.3 Mini-Game Checkpoint ~ 33% success rate
6.9 “What that man did was unforgivable.”
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[Chapter 7]
7.3 Item Checkpoint ~ Require x3 Purses
7.3 “I love him.”
7.7 “I would like to believe that.”
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[Chapter 8]
8.01 “She sounds like a wonderful person.”
8.2 Stylish Level Checkpoint
8.10 “I wish there was something.”
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[Chapter 9]
9.3 Mini-Game Checkpoint ~ 11% success rate
9.4 “I don’t want to hear it.”
9.9 “Stay and sleep with me.”
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 10]
10.2 “Do you think it will go okay?”
10.3 Item Checkpoint ~ Require x8 Purses
10.6 “No. I’m not.”
Get a Love Letter

Happy Ending:
Item Checkpoint ~ Require x5 Purses
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter


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