[News] Sweet Scandal ~Returns~ Pre-Registration~! (pre-registration expired)

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.01.12 AM
Click here to pre-register

~You will receive the bonus items as a present after entering your serial code in the application.
~Please note that it is not possible to change your adress email after your pre-registration is completed.
~If your email account limits domain in order to avoid spam, please set up “@okko.jp” as an accepted domain in order to receive our email. If you are using a spam filter or a junk mail filter, it is possible that you don’t receive our email.
~To receive their serial code properly, we need our users to set up their spam filter on their own.
~You can not transfer your bonus items to another person.
~You can use only once code per person and per account. If you register several times for the same account, you account will be banned.”


2 thoughts on “[News] Sweet Scandal ~Returns~ Pre-Registration~! (pre-registration expired)

  1. Can I know the link to where I can add @okko.JP because I didn’t get a mail with the serial code and I think that was because of the spam filters.


    • A link? I don’t think there is a link. I have heard that it’s taking them awhile to send the codes. (Maybe they are sending them one by one :O )
      At any rate, if you registered, you should get the code eventually.


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