[Walkthrough][Event] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ The Princess’ Valentine Secret Chocolate Kiss


~ Until February 20th 6:59 (UTC)
~ Joshua, Glenn and Edward’s routes will be available on February 15th 6:59 (UTC)

[Episode 1] The Chocolate War
A: Hide in a gap in the wall. (+200)
B: Step closer to Prince Wilfred.

[Episode 2] Valentine Magic
A: Ask him out on a date.
B: Ask him to dinner. (+200)

Avatar Mission:
Heart-Shaped Purse (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

[Episode 3] A Failed Plan?!
A: Look at prince Wilfred.
B: Decide where to go on your own. (+200)

Avatar Mission:
Wide Pants with Ribbon (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4] Valentines Under the Stars
Secret Happy Ending:
A: Will you make one for me? (+200)
B: Can I make one, too?

Happy Ending:
A: Tell her not to be scared
B: Hold her tightly and rub her back (+200)

[Episode 1] A Once-in-a-Lifetime Confession…?
A: Please leave!
B: Is something wrong? (+200)

[Episode 2] A Compelling First date
Avatar Mission:
Gold Heart Pumps (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A: Get on! (+200)
B: Protest.

[Episode 3] Our Private Beach
Avatar Mission:
Off-Shoulder Sweater (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

A: You decide, Your Highness.
B: I want to go to the beach. (+200)

[Episode 4] A Sweet Rain of Kisses
Secret Happy Ending:
A: Text him. (+200)
B: Go back to your room.

Happy Ending:
A: Make a break for it!
B: Consult Prince Roberto (+200)

[Episode 1] An Armload of Chocolates
A: Hand it over. (+200)
B: Refuse.

[Episode 2] A Simple Love
Avatar Mission:
Chocolate Necklace (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A: …Really? (+200)
B: Silly! Always saying things like that…

[Episode 3] The Power of Love
A: Appeal to Roberto’s refined palate.
B: Taste it again. (+200)

Avatar Mission:
Lace Cutsew (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4] Roberto’s Smile
Secret Happy Ending:
A: Don’t say anything.
B: Stop teasing me! (+200)

Happy Ending:
A: You trust me, don’t you? (+200)
B: Hey, don’t look at Al, look at me!

[Episode 1] The Laws of Dres Van
A: “Are you free tonight?”
B: “Nothing.” (+200)

[Episode 2] A Lawless Night
Avatar Mission:
Heart Hair clip (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A: He’s very important to me.
B: I love him very much. (+200)

[Episode 3] Feigning Drunkenness?!
A: Sit next to Prince Joshua. (+200)
B: Sit alone.

Avatar Mission:
Half-sleeve Sweater (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4] A Rude Awakening
Secret Happy Ending:
A: Ask Prince Joshua if he’s all right. (+200)
B: Lie there with your eyes closed.

Happy Ending:
A: There’s no need to be scared. (+200)
B: Please, listen to me.

[Episode 1] An Awkward Kindness
A: They’re for Alan. (+200)
B: They’re for Yu.

[Episode 2] A Ruined Chocolate Cake
Avatar Mission:
Pearl and Ribbon Brooch (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A: Throw it away.
B: Eat it by myself. (+200)

[Episode 3] Pink Ribbon Handfasting
Avatar Mission:
Valentine Plaid Shirt (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

A: Force our way through!
B: Give up. (+200)

[Episode 4] Don’t Talk Back…?!
Secret Happy Ending:
A: Of course I do. (+200)
B: Where did it go?

Happy Ending:
A: Would you stop staring? (+200)
B: I want you to do it

[Episode 1]
A: Prince Edward, that’s enough
B: Prince Edward, my heart can’t take this (+200)

[Episode 2]
Avatar Mission:
Flower Headband (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A: Check the doorway
B: Obviously, they have to be around him somewhere (+200)

[Episode 3]
Avatar Mission:
Marshmallow Skirt (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

A: You were handing these out earlier, weren’t you?
B: Is this a Valentine? (+200)

[Episode 4]
Secret Happy Ending:
A: Can I really drink it? (+200)
B: I cannot accept this

Happy Ending:
A: I am not doing it on purpose
B: I am telling you nothing but the truth (+200)


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