Sweet Cafe by Voltage


Sweet Cafe offers a basketful of fun, sweet stories from our most popular Voltage game apps for you to enjoy.
Get LOTS of stories you can’t get anywhere else but HERE!
∵∴Sweet special stories like…. Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X and
Yamato from My Forged Wedding both appearing in the SAME story!
See what it’s like for characters from different stories to interact with each other∴∵

♥︎ Exciting new platform for all of our loyal Voltage fans worldwide.
★ Point 1:
You can read “unreleased” stories of your favorite characters for FREE!!
We offer many never before released, sweet stories for you to enjoy.
You can read up to 70 stories!!
Every time you purchase a route or a story from our Voltage game apps, you will receive Voltage tickets.
You can use these tickets to purchase a sweet story of your choice from Sweet Cafe.
You can also buy Voltage tickets directly from Sweet Cafe, but take advantage of the perks by purchasing stories from our game apps!
★ Point 2:
Fun Coindrop game with tons of cool prizes!
Play our Coindrop game and win a bunch of “Love Presents” like limited stories and images,
special messages from your favorite Voltage characters… and even get a chance to get dress-up outfits for the guys!
★ Point 3:
Tap the screen and the character moves!
Choose your favorite Voltage character and he will appear on the Top page every time you log in.
Tap on the screen and he will move! He’ll also make different comments at you depending on the hour of the day.
You can ONLY experience this at Sweet Cafe!

★ Point 4:
Chance to find and interact with characters you’ve never met before!
We have lots of game apps out now. This is your chance to finally meet the GUY of your dreams!
Browse around and you’ll come across so many characters you’ve never seen before!

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Cafe by Voltage

  1. How do I get more tickets without buying them off the game? I’m kinda confused about this thing of what I can use the tickets for. Please help.


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