[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY ~ Yuzuki Kitaoji

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Common Route:

[Episode 1] A World of Lights

A: The governor of Tokyo in the city.
B: The Cabinet Minister on the left.
C: The CEO on the right. (+)

[Episode 2] Lucky Cinderella

A: “Not at all.”
B: “I introduced myself.” (best choice)
C: “I made eye contact with him.”

A: Force your way through the reporters.
B: Try talking to someone. (best choice)
C: Take pictures.

[Episode 3] Up-Close and Personal

A: Talk back at him. (best choice)
B: Stare at him coldly.
C: Ignore him. (not best choice)

A: The bathroom.
B: The balcony. (not best choice)
C: The entrance. (best choice)

[Episode 4] Spellbound

A: “I can’t stand it.” (best choice)
B: “I guess there’s nothing I can do…” (not best choice)
C: “I don’t want to deal with her.”

A: My glasses.
B: My cell phone. (not best choice)
C: My jacket. (best choice)

Main Story:

[Episode 1] Morning After

A: Wait and watch what he does.
B: Edge away from him.
C: Clutch the blanket. (best choice)

A: Check who’s calling. (not best choice)
B: Answer the phone. (best choice)
C: Don’t answer the phone.

[Episode 2] Taking Chances

A: Shrink away.
B: Smile.
C: Glare. (best choice)

Require 1000+ TF

A: Ask if it’s really okay.
B: Do it next time.
C: Listen to what he has to say. (best choice)

[Episode 3] Celebrity Uncovered

A: Ask hi if he’s okay.
B: Press him for more.  (best choice)
C: End the conversation.

A: “How about Yuzu?”
B: “Kitaoji?”
C: “Yuzuki…?” (best choice)

Require 10+ Chemistry

[Episode 4] Crash and Burn

A: “Did you sleep well?”
B: “Is your fever gone?” (best choice)
C: “Did you eat breakfast?”

A: “He asked me to do it.”
B: “I got special permission.”
C: “I was surprised, too.” (best choice)

[Episode 5] The Kiss

A: Try to avoid the subject.
B: Decline politely. (best choice)
C: Accept his offer.

Require 20+ Chemistry

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Leather Miniskirt Getup (Glamour +36) ~ 3 Gems
Normal Route: Long Black Boots (Glamour +12) ~ 1 Gem/ 1200 pt Salary

A: I cry.
B: I stare at him in anger. (+2)
C: I ignore him.

[Episode 6] Secret Date

A: “Anywhere is fine.”
B: (It’s not like we can go anywhere…)
C: I need to think about it. (+2)

Require 8000+ TF

A: Call him ‘darling’. (+2)
B: Call him ‘babe’.
C: Call him ‘David’.

Require 30+ Chemistry

[Episode 7] Sweet Embrace

A: Get some sake. (+2)
B: Get some whiskey and water.
C: Get a beer.

A: Remain silent.
B: “There was nothing else I could do…”
C: “It’s part of my job…” (+2)

[Episode 8] Foreboding

A: Chihaya Koda.
B: Noel Aijima.
C: Mirai Kageyama. (+2)

A: I contemplate whether to pick it up or not.
B: I don’t answer.
C: I answer the phone. (+2)

[Episode 9] Bad Blood

A: Smile.
B: Don’t say anything.
C: You’re embarrassed. (+2)

Require 40+ Chemistry

A: “Because I’m a woman.”
B: “Because it makes you feel better.”
C: “Because I’m a journalist.” (+2)

[Episode 10] Realizations

A: “I don’t know.”
B: “I do.”
C: “Not at all.” (+2)

[Episode 11] The Long Divide

A: I ignore her.
B: “I’m not meeting him today.” (+2)
C: “How should I know?”

A: “Sorry.”
B: “Thanks for calling,”
C: “That sounds nice.” (+2)

Require 50+ Chemistry

[Episode 12] Tears in the Rain

A: “I’m really proud of him.”
B: “I learned a lot from it.”
C: “Thanks.” (+2)

A: “No we didn’t.” (+2)
B: “Yeah, we did.”
C: “How did you know?”

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Pink & Black Party Getup (Glamour +96) ~ 8 Gems
Normal Route: Pink Party Bag (Glamour +60) ~ 5 Gem/ 6000 pt Salary

[Episode 13] Out of the Blue

A: Take a rest.
B: Do whatever Satsuki prefers.
C: Take the tour. (+2)

A: A picture of Satsuki.
B: A picture of the two siblings. (+2)
C: A picture of Yuzuki.

Require 70+ Chemistry

[Episode 14] The Heart Wants What It Wants

A: “I don’t want to think about it.”
B: “I can’t lie to you.”
C: “I can’t believe this.” (+2)

A: “Won’t you meet me?”
B: “Wait!” (+2)
C: “Don’t tell me not to worry!”

Secret Ending:
Require 42000+ TF, 80+ Chemistry

Super Happy Ending:
Require 42000+ TF

Happy Ending:
Require 31000+ TF


31 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY ~ Yuzuki Kitaoji

  1. Pingback: Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY | Blooming Sumire

    • It’s an invite code. It’s not a requirements, but helps to have one ^^
      If someone enters your code to their invitation code, both of you will get a gift, and the more people enter your code, the better your gift will be. But you can only get 5 different gifts.


  2. Hi I’ve been playing this for almost 1 month now and I love the stories 😁
    I wanna ask about the scoop mates tho. I don’t know what’s the point to have a lot of scoop mates when u only need 1 mate with highest glamour or TF to help u in the interview battle. Should we have scoop mates with higher glamour and TF than us? Or lower, so they can invite us to the interview and get some TF? But then what’s the point to have scoop mates when they never invite us to the interview?


    • Hello~ ^^
      You can greet your scoop mates and earn Salary and Gems (gems are very rare tho) and the mate you have greeted will receive a bonus too. Although you can only green 20 mates per day.

      Also having good active regular mates will help you with searching active mates for events.


  3. Hi! I just realised I may have a problem and I’m kinda upset about it. I recently finished Yuzuki’s route picking the secret ending and after, I checked online for something and there was a picture of a blushing Yuzuki with the word Epilogue and Clear written in bold and I realised I didn’t get that, I dont even remember reading the epilogue. So does that mean, after all this time I haven’t cleared Yuzuki’s route afterall?


    • Have you gotten a CG when you were reading the ending? Also to see if you really have finished your route, go to Menu -> Change Celeb (on Yuzuki) -> “I’ve Fallen For Him” and the route you have cleared should be colored. ^^

      As for the picture with blushing Yuzuki…can you provide me the link where you found it? By any chance, was it not an event? (I can’t really remember what there was when I cleared Yuzuki’s route…^^; )


  4. Hi, I would like to clarify on the bonus for each ending:
    Secret Ending (42000 TF and 80 Chemistry) gives us a CG and an epilogue? Super Happy Ending (42000 TF) gives us a bed for the VIP room? Happy ending gives us a staircase for the VIP room?

    Which ending gives us the character’s room base? Can i also confirm that there’s no chemistry requirement for Super Happy Ending? Thanks!


    • Yes for all the ending requirements~ ^^ And to get a room base, there is a “hunt” event. It’s like Champagne(?) event on MFWP (you collect points to get the house/room pieces.) so none of the ending gives you room base.


  5. Hi! When I finish a route, can I read it again? I’ve finish right now Yuzuki’s summer route, and I’d love to read it another time *-*


    • Ah! Sorry for a very late reply ;;o;; (the event already ended…orz) But yes, you can re-read the routes after you finish them. (Both for main stories and event ovo)


  6. Hi. I’m now on my third story and I just noticed that on the Choose Your Celeb page where you see the bonus items if you finish the endings is something that says you would get a room base for each character. I realized that I didn’t receive one. Do you know how to?


  7. Hey . I think I’m a bit stuck on the whole “another interview”. I had to interview that mean female celeb that throws wine at you and I did it with low glamor points so I lost but now no matter how much I try to tap I just can’t do it anymore. The taps are unresponsive. Everything else works fine. Plz help me. :/ thanks.


  8. Where should we enter the invitation code…..I’m looking for it like forever…don’t know to enter it yet
    Can you pls tell me where to enter the code


    • Hello,
      Usually it’s at the bottom of the top page. It has been awhile since I opened the game, so I’m not sure what might have changed now. It might not even have the invitation code thing now.


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