Class Trip Crush

Voltage Inc. Love Game


A class trip story
Have fun getting into pillow fights and sneaking into the boys’ room after lights-out, the kind of adventures you could only have on a class trip!
Ride a rickshaw through the streets of Kyoto with your crush. Hear him declare his love as the two of you gaze out over the glittering, nighttime Kobe skyline.
Real travel destinations make for a truly immersive romantic experience.
Teenage Hotties, each with his own distinct personality
Star athlete twins, the class genius, a down-to-earth celebrity – with a variety of different characters, you can experience every flavor of romance.
The prologue is free. The main stories cost $3.99 and contain 16 episodes each. (Another Stories cost $2.99 and contain stories that take place after chapter 8 of the main story)


You couldn’t be more shocked when the principal announces that your school and an all-boys school will be going on a joint class trip!
You’ve always gone to an all-girls school but you suddenly find yourself in the same group as five of the cutest boys you’ve ever seen!
Traveling with your crush, exciting things are bound to happen!
As the distance between the two of you shrinks… Love blooms!
Going on a class trip means that you and your crush will be together on the bus, at the hotel and during your free time; you’ll make sweet memories and feel your heart pound!


♥︎ Season 1 ♥︎

icon taketo icon yasuto  photo icon-homare
 photo icon-kanji  photo icon-nagisa

♥︎ 3 Years Later ♥︎

taketo yasuto homare
kanji nagisa

♥︎ Wedding ♥︎

taketo yasuto homare
kanji nagisa
 photo sub-valentinesdya_zps02aec24b.png  photo sub-whiteday_zpsfd9645db.png  photo sub-springcamping_zpsa00289fc.png   photo sub-agoldenweekvacation
 photo sub-arainydaydate_zpsa055ff24.png  photo sub-hisdreamjob_zps733f7c1d.png  photo sub-seasidesummerschol_zps898a8ddf.png  photo sub-beachsidesummerjob_zps1dd3b374.png
 photo sub-ajapanesesummerfestival_zps164716c2.png  photo sub-aspookyadventure_zps31782423.png  photo sub-workhardplayhard_zpsb711550e.png  photo sub-kanjisbday_zps90da76bb.png
 photo sub-fielddaytogether_zps3d7cae95.png  photo sub-schoolfestivaltogether_zpsf32023f0.png  photo sub-3yearsfterwemet  photo sub-heartpoundinghalloween_zps0d2a95d1.png
 photo sub-overseartrip_zps983b69f7.jpg xmas with twins white xmas taketo xmas crush
grown up xmas after bell butler crush hot homare
taketo grad yasuto grad

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