Star-Crossed Myth

Voltage Inc. love game
icy decription

A Dramatic Love Story
“I want your love.”
They pursue you. Only you can erase sins, but the love they offer you is twisted.
“Beg me. Tell me you want more.”
Experience the pleasure the otherworldly touch of a god’s fingers and lips can bring…
Two Kinds of Deluxe Ending Stories!
The Myth of the Blessed
A joyous tale of fulfilling, unbridled love.
The Myth of the Forbidden
A moving, bittersweet tale of forbidden, sinful love.
It’s up to you to determine which will be your destiny.

icy story

It all started with a sin…
The tale of the frighteningly beautiful gods of the stars
The lights of Tokyo blot out the stars.
One night, you happen to notice a star sparkling in the heavens.
Suddenly, the beautiful gods of the stars appear before you.
These gods, however, have sinned. They’ve been thrown out of heaven.
You’re the only one who can erase their sins.
The gods have everything… except for love.
Love blooms as you spend your days together,
but that love is a forbidden one, a love that could change the world.


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