[Walkthrough][Event] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ A Birthday Night Together

~Happy Birthday to Prince Joshua~

Event Period:
~ Until February 3rd 6:59 UTC
~ 3rd route will be available on January 31st 6:59 UTC

[Episode 1] Your First Birthday
A. Deploy evasion tactics!
B. Just tell the truth. (+200)

[Episode 2] Secret Preparations
Avatar Mission:
Candle Earrings (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A. Thank him for his concern. (+200)
B. Say you’re fine.

[Episode 3] Holding Hands in the Dark
Avatar Mission:
Corsage Pumps (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

A. Strawberry.
B. Caramel. (+200)

[Episode 4] Sweeter Than Birthday Cake
Secret Happy End:
A. Do as he says. (+200)
B. Tell him you’ll feed yourself.

Happy End:
A. Ask Jan.
B. Just leave it. (+200)

[Episode 1] A Secret Strategy Meeting
A. “Playboy!” (+200)
B. Say Nothing.

[Episode 2] Mission Failed?!
Avatar Mission:
Blue Ribbon Bolero (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A. Pull away. (+200)
B. Stay with him.

[Episode 3] A Lively Surprise
A. Refuse to go. (+200)
B. Go with him.

Avatar Mission:
White Jacket (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4]
Secret Happy End:
A. Say something. (+200)
B. Just watch.

Happy End:
A. Prince Wilfred.
B. Prince Edward. (+200)

[Episode 1] Afianced
A. You can count on me. (+200)
B. Please help me think of something.

[Episode 2] Closing the Gap
Avatar Mission:
Rabbit Fur Bag (+30 charm) ~ 1 Gems/ 3000 Cruz

A. I’ll be more careful from now on
B. I just wanted to be close to the people … (+200)

[Episode 3] A Surprise Confession
A. Thank him. (+200)
B. Take it back with your left hand.

Avatar Mission:
Pink Tight Skirt (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4] Your Private Party
Secret Happy End:
A. Oh my God, you’re all red!
B. What, did that come out wrong? (+200)

Happy End:
A. Teach me how you make them.(+200)
B. Can I eat one?


3 thoughts on “[Walkthrough][Event] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ A Birthday Night Together

  1. In Episode 2 (Secret Preparations) the choices are something like
    [A] Thank you for your concern
    [B] Say you’re fine

    [A] is the correct one (+200)


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