[Walkthrough] Class Trip Crush ~ Nagisa Ichinose Season 1

 photo IMG_0934_zpsd7fbab0f.jpg
Nagisa’s Season 1 walkthrough

Main Story

[Chapter 1]
Stop him.
I want to.

[Chapter 2]
Are you sure?
How do you do that?

[Chapter 3]
Explain yourself.
Me? Not someone else?

[Chapter 4]
Be silent.
I couldn’t!

[Chapter 5]
It was nerve-wrecking.
I don’t know.

[Chapter 6]
Just curious.
It’s okay!

[Chapter 7]
That makes sense.
Ask how to cook it.

[Chapter 8]
Not at all.

[Chapter 9]
We’ll be more careful!
But you look gorgeous.

[Chapter 10]
What do you want to do?
It’s no big deal.

[Chapter 11]
No, never.
You’re kind of a dork.

[Chapter 12]
I don’t know.

[Chapter 13]
Where’s that?

[Chapter 14]
You’re late.
Chocolate, banana with whipped cream.

[Chapter 15]
Just a little…



[Chapter 1]
We’re in high school.
Act supportive.

[Chapter 2]
I’m so glad to see your face.
Be happy.

[Chapter 3]
Object to what he called you.
Kidnap me.

[Chapter 4]
Encourage him.
Ask him to eat with you.

[Chapter 5]
Fight back.

[Chapter 6]
I’m glad to be partners.
I only have eyes for you.

[Chapter 7]
Sounds neat.
I want the same thing.

[Chapter 8]
Act pouty.
Stand and cheer.

[Chapter 9]
You can’t stop now.
Stop teasing.

[Chapter 10]
Was it a surprise?
I never thought I’d do this.


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