[Walkthrough] Class Trip Crush ~ Kanji Okumiya Season 1

 photo IMG_0932_zpsc34cd738.jpg
Kanji’s Seaos 1 walkthroughs

Main Story

[Chapter 1]
Go join him.
Go in together.

[Chapter 2]
Sorry about this.
No more sneaking off.

[Chapter 3]
It’s got good tips.

[Chapter 4]
What if the dream came true?
Look what else it says!

[Chapter 5]
You’d have me beat.
Take him up on it.

[Chapter 6]
What a kidder!

[Chapter 7]
Go with Kanji.

[Chapter 8]
I’ll go.

[Chapter 9]
Say nothing.
It’s better having it together.

[Chapter 10]
What does it do?
It’s nice having you here.

[Chapter 11]
You use it.
There weren’t enough blankets.

[Chapter 12]
I’m loving these fireworks.
I don’t like it either.

[Chapter 13]
Sure, why not.

[Chapter 14]
I love you too.
I was thinking the same thing.

[Chapter 15]
I’m not mad.
One with an island kitchen.



[Chapter 1]
That’s a relief.
You’ve got nerves of steel.

[Chapter 2]
You can’t ditch practice.

[Chapter 3]
That’s cool.
Yes, ma’am.

[Chapter 4]
I was touched.
Buy a warm drink.

[Chapter 5]
You’re so cool and motivated.
If only it was a music show.

[Chapter 6]
Can’t wait to hear it.
Kanji’s not stupid.

[Chapter 7]
Was that encouragement?
I’m happy.

[Chapter 8]
I love being up front.
I do, but I have school.

[Chapter 8]
I sure was.
You were cooler.

[Chapter 9]
I’d like that.
Not at all.


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