[Walkthrough] Class Trip Crush ~ Yasuto Kanzaki Season 1

 photo IMG_0931_zps305338e0.jpg
Yasuto’s Season 1 walkthrough

Main Story
[Chapter 1]
Looked easy to talk to
It’s meant for you.

[Chapter 2]
You were cool.
You’re Yasuto though.

[Chapter 3]
Want anything else?

[Chapter 4]
This is embarrassing.
It’s good manners.

[Chapter 5]
He’s cool.
Pray on Yasuto’s behalf.

[Chapter 6]
Is one enough for you?
Your baseball enthusiasm.

[Chapter 7]
What about you, Yasuto?
Hold my hand.

[Chapter 8]
Laugh with them.
Take it from him.

[Chapter 9]
You and Chii were close.
I’d love to!

[Chapter 10]
Talk to Yasuto.
Take his hand.

[Chapter 11]
Compliment Yasuto.
I’ll make it good.

[Chapter 12]
Change the subject.
Back Yasuto up.

[Chapter 13]
I didn’t mind it.

[Chapter 14]
I hope we can go.
I know you can do it.

[Chapter 15]
Cheer for him.
Talk to him.


[Chapter 1]
You can’t talk like that.
It’s just mind games.

[Chapter 2]
You’re getting ahead of yourself.
You’re too serious.

[Chapter 3]
I’ve got onigiri.
Kiss me some more.

[Chapter 4]
Cheer Yasuto on.
Talk to him.

[Chapter 5]
It’s nice.
Penny for your thoughts?

[Chapter 6]
I was very flattered.

[Chapter 7]
I miss our dates.
See what Yasuto thinks.

[Chapter 8]
You need rest too.
It shows you were serious.

[Chapter 9]
I believe in you.
Let Yasuto do it his way.


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