[Walkthrough] Class Trip Crush ~ Taketo Kanzaki Season 1

Taketo’s season 1 walkthrouhs

Main Story

[Chapter 1]
Don’t respond.
Could you tell me about it?

[Chapter 2]
He’s easy to talk to.
Let him treat.

[Chapter 3]
Taketo’s got this.

[Chapter 4]
Question him.
That’s still scary.

[Chapter 5]
Apologize to the dancer.

[Chapter 6]
Cheer Takato on.
Better keep quiet.

[Chapter 7]
You’re too cautious.

[Chapter 8]
Avoid the subject.
I’m a girl.

[Chapter 9]
I’d like to go.
I’m interested in Taketo.

[Chapter 10]

[Chapter 11]
Talk to Taketo.

[Chapter 12]
I love to cook.
Quit teasing.

[Chapter 13]
Squeeze back.

[Chapter 14]
Go over to Taketo.

[Chapter 15]
Its our last free period, huh.



[Chapter 1]
I want to support you.
What are you, a matchmaker?

[Chapter 2]
The Class Trip?
Anywhere, if I’m with you.

[Chapter 3]
Call him up.
Wave to him quietly.

[Chapter 4]
I was proud.
Not telling.

[Chapter 5]
Support Yuma.
Let’s make a new promise.

[Chapter 6]
Thank him right there.

[Chapter 7]
Keep them to yourself.
Shove him back.

[Chapter 8]
Squeeze his hand.
Just hold his hand.

[Chapter 9]
Just watch him.
Compliment his shot.


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