[Walkthrough] Class Trip Crush ~ Homare Midorikawa Season 1

 photo IMG_0933_zpsf63dd938.jpg
Homare’s Season 1 walkthroughs

Main Story

[Chapter 1]
Why would I?
What about you?

[Chapter 1]
Who’s that?
I’m not so sure.

[Chapter 1]
Good friends?
Aren’t you tired?

[Chapter 1]
I know that.

[Chapter 1]
I heard it from someone.
I’m sorry.

[Chapter 1]
May I sit with you?

[Chapter 1]
Is that right?
I can handle myself!

[Chapter 1]
Mixed juice.
I couldn’t.

[Chapter 1]
Keep your voice down.

[Chapter 1]
What’s it to you.

[Chapter 1]
You think so?
I’m happy you gave it to me.

[Chapter 1]
You want to go with me?
Are you sure?

[Chapter 1]
What about you?
Do you have to?

[Chapter 1]
I wanted to relax.

[Chapter 1]
To get better at studying!
What’s wrong with that?



[Chapter 1]
Are you hungry?

[Chapter 2]
It was raining pretty hard.

[Chapter 3]
I should talk to her.

[Chapter 4]
I’ll root for you.
Tell them to be quiet.

[Chapter 5]
Deny it.
Laugh it off.

[Chapter 6]
Yell at Homare.
Pretend you’re not.

[Chapter 7]
Don’t ask about.
I don’t want to lie to Homare.

[Chapter 8]
I don’t understand you.
I wanted to hear your voice.

[Chapter 9]
Step in.
I feel the same.

[Chapter 10]
That’s so sweet.


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