[Walkthrough] A Knight’s Devotion ~ Ken Sequel

 photo IMG_0373_zps21b5ffd8.png

[Chapter 1]
I trust you.
It’s not enough.

[Chapter 2]
You’re joking, right?
Be honest and apologize.

[Chapter 3]

[Chapter 4]
Glare at him.
Next time.

[Chapter 5]
It’s hard to write with ketchup.
Say, “I love you too,” shyly.

[Chapter 6]
Look at Ken.
Admit you don’t know.

[Chapter 7]
Ask Ken.
Then I’ll always smile.

[Chapter 8]
I’m not scared when I’m with you.
You go first.

[Chapter 9]
Ask to keep it a secret.
You’re thinking too much.


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