[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella ~ Louis Howard

Louis’s walkthrough

Source: シロの恋愛ゲーム攻略日記

[Part 1]

[1] Are you coming too? (Honey)
[2] Can you leave like this? (Sugar)
[3] Are you worried about me?

[1] I do intend to.
[2] I will return. (Honey)
[3] I have to return. (Sugar)

[Part 2]

[1] Thank you for today. (Honey)
[2] You were amazing. (Sugar)
[3] I’m sorry about your foot.

[1] I worry about you.
[2] You look a little pale. (Honey)
[3] You seem to be in pain. (Sugar)

[Part 3]

[1] What are you doing here? (Honey)
[2] Is something wrong?
[3] Do you need something? (Sugar)

Avatar Mission:
Premium Attire: Camisole Dress with Blue Rose Print (Beauty +50) ~ 300 Coins
Normal Attire: High-Waisted Skirt with Ribbon (Beauty +20) ~ 100 Coins/ 3500 Bells

[1] “I don’t know anything about you.” (Honey)
[2] “I want to know you better.” (Sugar)
[3] “How could I not wonder?”

[Part 4]

[1] “Hmm? What?”
[2] “Oh, I just spaced out a little.” (Honey)
[3] “No problem. I’m fine.” (Sugar)

[1] “You look so distraught.” (Honey)
[2] “You look so sad.” (Sugar)
[3] “You look so distressed.”

[Part 5]

[1] “You really were kidnapped?” (Honey)
[2] “You really were an orphan?” (Sugar)
[3] “You really are of common birth?”

Royal Challenge:
Require 2500+ Grace

[1] “You’ve been a great help to me.”
[2] “Thank you, Louis. Truly.” (Honey)
[3] “I am in your debt, your Grace.” (Sugar)

[Part 6]

[1] “Louis, why won’t you look at me?” (Honey)
[2] “You never look at me.” (Sugar)
[3] “Louis. Look at me!”

[1] “What’s this about, Louis?” (Sugar)
[2] “You needn’t apologize.”
[3] “I wanted to talk to you too.” (Honey)

Avatar Mission:
Premium Attire: Braided Bangs with Loose Waves (Beauty +80) ~ 400 Coins
Normal Attire: Simple Side Ponytail (Beauty +25) ~ 150 Coins/ 5000 Bells

[Part 7]

[1] “How is your wound?”
[2] “I’m sorry about all this.” (Sugar)
[3] “Does your arm hurt?” (Honey)

[1] “How did you know that?” (Honey)
[2] “Unfortunately.” (Sugar)
[3] “Who told you?”

[Part 8]

[1] “Thank you for everything.” (Honey)
[2] “I am so glad you were here.”
[3] “You’re always bailing me out.” (Sugar)

[1] “You noticed us.” (Honey)
[2] “How did i do?”
[3] “What did you think?” (Sugar)

[Part 9]

[1] “Louis, I just told you” (Sugar)
[2] “You surprised me!” (Honey)
[3] “Leo’s going to see us!”

[1] “Feeling embarassed?” (Honey)
[2] “Are you pouting?”
[3] “You’re so cute.” (Sugar)

[Part 10]

Royal Challenge:
Require 6500+ Grace

[1] “What face is that?” (Honey)
[2] “What are you talking about?” (Sugar)
[3] “What does my face look like?”

[1] “Are you, Louis?”
[2] “What just happened?” (Sugar)
[3] “I’m fine!” (Honey)

Avatar Mission:
Premium Attire: Dress with Cornflower Blue Ribbon (Beauty +100) ~ 500 Coins
Normal Attire: Lavender Dress (Beauty +50) ~ 300 Coins/ 8000 Bells

Honey Route

[Chapter 11]

[1] “Where are you going?”
[2] “I’m taking you to your room.”
[3] “Don’t go.” (Honey)

[1] “You know me too well.”
[2] “he’s in grave danger.”
[3] “I just want to protect him.” (Honey)

[Chapter 12]

Royal Challenge:
Require 13500+ Grace

[1] “A suitor?”
[2] “Even if it wasn’t you?”
[3] “You’re the only one for me.” (Honey)

[1] “You need to start protecting us.”
[2] “I don’t want you leaving me.” (Honey)
[3] “Don’t handle things by yourself!”

Honey Ending
Avatar Mission:
Premium Attire: Frilled Turquoise Dress (Beauty +180) ~ 900 Coins
Normal Attire: Navy Blue Dress (Beauty +100) ~ 500 Coins/ 20000 Bells

Sugar Route

[Chapter 11]


[2] (Sugar)


24 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella ~ Louis Howard

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  2. At part 6, chapter 11/11 there’s an Avatar Mission
    Premium Attire: Braided Bangs with Loose Waves (Beauty +80) ~ 400 Coins
    Normal Attire: Simple Side Ponytail (Beauty +25) ~ 150 Coins/ 5000 Bells


    • Oh, it’s just one of the challenges to continue the story. They’re not daily, but they’re fixed at some point in the middle of the story.
      Beauty…? You can just buy more avatars from the Boutique if you have enough bells or coins and closet space ^^


  3. Ummm hi, I just finished Louis’s honey ending and I changed my suitor to Alyn. And I just want to ask that, if I want to reread Louis’s story, do I have to start from scratch and work my way up again? And if I want to change my suitor to another suitor in the middle of the story, will all my data be erased for my current suitor? Thank you! And sorry for my bad English >~<


    • Hello!
      Yes, if you want to re-read a story, you have to start from the beginning, and go through the challanges again. And as for changing stories in the middle, please check out the FAQ. (at the top)

      Your English is good! So don’t worry~ ^0^/
      Hope I was of some help, have fun playing!


  4. FYI- Louis – 3.5 choices are (1) I don’t know anything about you – honey; (2) I want to know you better – sugar; (3) how could I not wonder?
    Thanks for the walkthroughs!


  5. uhm, I like to play the game and all and I got curious to see what the internet has related to this game and I’ve seen a lot of websites that has walk throughs. What are they and what can they help me do?


  6. Hello, I just started this game a few days ago. I have a few questions:
    1.) How do I raise my beauty? What do I have to do?
    2.) How do I access the other Gacha collections?
    3.) After I read the Honey route ending, will I have to start the game over if I want to get the Sugar route ending?
    4.) Will my grace points reset to 0 if I chose another suitor?
    5.) What’s the purpose of Louis’ heart gauge? Is it a must to fill it?
    I’m so sorry if I have grammatical errors. English isn’t my native language.
    Thank you for your post. It is very helpful.
    My player ID is HpeSzqH0. I hope we can be friends!


    • Hello!
      1- You can raise your Beauty by purchasing avatars (clothes, hair, make-up etc.). You’ll have to accumulate enough bells to buy avatars. You can buy them from the shop, during event and main story avatar royal challange. OR you can win them in events for completing stories !
      2) If you’re refering to your current suitor’s Gatcha, then they get unlocked after certain chapter in the main story. However, you can’t access different suitor’s gatcha at all.
      3) Yes
      4) Yes, but only individual grace points. (All of your grace point will accumulate as Total grace points, which won’t effect the story)
      5) It’s not necessary, but if you fill it, you’ll unlock Secret Garden Gatcha (from with you have to pick the Ultra Rare piece and get a story)
      Your english is good !! I’m glad it’s helpful~ hopefully I didn’t miss anything TvT/


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