[Walkthrough][Event] be My Princess: PARTY ~ A Royal Christmas ~ Night of Miracles

A Royal Christmas ~ Night of Mircales

🎄 Event Period:
~Until 12/26 6:59am (UTC)

🎄 Walkthrough:
[Episode 1] Shall We Dance?
A. Take the bus. (+200)
B. Go with Wilfred.

[Episode 2] Christmas Without a Dream
Avatar mission:
Grey Tights (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gem/ 3000 Cruz

A. Let’s get out of here. (+200)
B. Let’s have a party.

[Episode 3] Miracle on a Sacred Night
Go to the skating rink. (+200 LF)

Avatar mission:
Plaid Dress (Charm +60) ~ 3 gems/6000 cruz

[Episode 4] The Secret Party
A. Decorations.
B. The cake (+200)

[Episode 1] Midnight Fitting Session
A. It’s a present for you. (+200)
B. It’s a present for Alma.

[Episode 2] A Sudden Christmas Date
Avatar mission:
Red Lace-up Boots (charm 30) ~ 1 Gem/ 3000 Cruz

A. Let’s run. (+200)
B. Let’s call Luke.

[Episode 3] Looking for Santa
A. Deny his offer.
B. Be honest. (+200)

Avatar mission:
White Lace Dress (Charm +60) ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4]
A. Grab Keith’s hand. (+200)
B. Grab Keith’s jacket.

[Episode 1]
A. “I guess I am just a substitute…”
B. “Are you sure you want to take me?” (+200)

[Episode 2]
A. Urge him on stage. (+200)
B Wait to see what happens.

Avatar mission:
Xmas Bracalet (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gem/ 3000 Cruz

[Episode 3]
A. Turn around. (+200)
B. We need to get a picture.

Avatar mission:
Red Dress (Charm +60) ~ 2 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4]
A. Put blanket.
B. Take her to bed. (+200)


[Episode 1]
A. Explain. (+200)
B. Stay silent.

[Episode 2]
Avatar mission:
Pink Diamond Necklace (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gem/ 3000 Cruz

A. Go back to the Charles Castle. (+200)
B. Stay.

[Episode 3]
A. Stay where you are.
B. Wait outside the office. (+200)

Avatar mission:
Blue Plaid Sweater (Charm +60) ~ 2 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4]


[Episode 1]
A. Go with them. (+200)
B. Return to the palace.

[Episode 2]
Avatar mission:
Mittens (Charm +30) ~ 1 Gem/ 3000 Cruz

A. I do. (+200)
B. I don’t.

[Episode 3]
Avatar mission:
Pocket Skirt (Charm +60) ~ 2 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

A. Don’t answer it.
B. Answer it. (+200)

[Episode 4]


[Episode 1]

[Episode 2]
Avatar mission:
(Charm +30) ~ 1 Gem/ 3000 Cruz

[Episode 3]
Avatar mission:
(Charm +60) ~ 2 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 4]


4 thoughts on “[Walkthrough][Event] be My Princess: PARTY ~ A Royal Christmas ~ Night of Miracles

  1. For Roberto, the first option was to ask if it’s alright… or something like that, I forgot the exact words…
    While the second answer was to urge him to go on stage.
    I got +200 for those answers…


  2. FYI Now that they added new routes;
    Joshua: Explain>Go back>Stay are the correct answers so far!
    Roberto:Ask if its okay>Urge him on stage>turn back

    Keith :I forget the actual order of the questions but:
    -the answer when he asks about the present that falls is to be honest and tell him who they’re for
    -when someone is taking your picture, run [don’t call Luke]
    -and i dont remember if this is from the happy ending or one of the other common route questions, but if you have a choice between grabbing his coat or hand, go for his hand!


  3. Not sure if this is doable, but on the off chance it is, is there a way to switch princes while you’re in the middle of another prince’s story? (Night of Miracles stories)


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