Announcement! [Updated]

My Dear friends, readers, fans, passer-bys, I will not be able to update walkthroughs effectively from Dec.16th until Jan.4th or Jan.5th Buuut!! I will still try to update them when I’m around wi-fi and have free time. If you happen to have any questions, concerns…anything…please feel free to leave a comment, I will try to reply to them ASAP.

Sooo~~ I’m finally visiting my home country after long 2 years.

People who are helping me to continue unfinished walkthroughs please keep posting the continuations/points of the walkthroughs m(_ _)m

In case I might not be able to say it…
Happy Christmas and New Year everybody~!!! 🎄🎁🎅

I Smurf You all~
Sumire 🙂

Ok, I’m back 🙂
..Back to updating posts 😁

Thank you so much for those who kept contributing answers~!!


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