[Walkthrough][Event] My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~ First Love Honey – Crazed Sexy Darling

Sexy Daling Event

💖 Tips:
~ Start the Event when your stamina is around 98 or 99.
~ Don’t rush to make event mates.
~ Always clear all Happy Ending first. If the route is not available yet and you read all HEs, just build up your affection without choosing a character until the route becomes available.
~ When changing routes, wait until your stamina gets 98 or 99 and take advantage of 30 minute fever that starts when you change routes.

💖 Walkthrough:
[Stage 1] Acting Darling?
A. It’s fine. (+200)
B. It does make me a little Worried.

[Stage 2] Butler Time
Avatar Mission:
Fur Pumps with Tights ~ 4500 Mari/ 300 Coins

A. I’m not lying.
B. (To be honest, I’ll miss him.) (+200)

[Stage 3] A Small Visit
A. A vitamin drink.
B. His usual coffee. (+200)

[Stage 4] Surprise Happening!
Super Happy End:
A. Look at Saeki. (+200)
B. Look at Muro.
[Stage 1] Celebrity Thanksgiving?
A. “I want to go!” (+200)
B. “Would it be all right to go?”

[Stage 2] Secret Training
Avatar Mission:
Milady Fur Gloves ~ 7000 Mari/ 400 Coins

A. Say Nothing
B. Tell him off (+200)

[Stage 3] Super Strict Trainers
A. Cheer for Saeki. (+200)
B. Cheer for Yuta.


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