Love Legend of Sengoku

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Arithmetic’s romance love game 
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You might be able to find your ideal type of man in Sengoku!?
This is the love ♥ dating game that based on Japanese history.
You can get along with the Sengoku warriors by progressing the love story through this game.
Not only the main characters that you can fall in love with, there are lots of handsome & famous & cool warriors who had played an active role in the Sengoku period! such as the vassals of Takeda family, Nobushige Sanada, Yoshimoto Imagawa, Hanzo Hattori, Tadakatsu Honda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, etc.
Story Button
“You will have to act as a double of Takechiyo, from now on.”
That was Sengoku, the chaotic period.
In accordance with the will of your late father, you become a double of Takechiyo (Later becomes Ieyasu Tokugawa), the sick and the next president of Matsudaira family.
Even though you were born as a woman, you should follow the fate of living as a man.
Being a double of a shogun, the fateful encounter with the warriors has been started!
Nobunaga Oda, the feudal lord of Owari, tries to possess himself of you.
Masamune Date, the feudal lord of Mutsu, is such a dreamer who you cannot know what he had in his mind.
Mitsuhide Akechi, a vassal of Nobunaga, who watches you and take care of you gently.
The thing that the encounter brings about is…
the fire of the war in the chaos? or the fire that burn with love?
Be a double and live as a man in the chaotic Sengoku!


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