Contract Marriage Plus

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-19-11-59-14_zpsed453eb5.png
Arithmetic/OKKO’s romance love game 

Description Button

The famous & popular dating game “Contract Marriage” came back with up-graded scenarios and lovely avatars!
Enjoy the feeling as if you got marry with the hottest rich guys♥
You might be able to find true love with the hot guys by contract marriage!?
Story Button
The big difficulty suddenly came to your peaceful life, with a huge amount of debts contracted because of the bankruptcy of your father’s company. The amount of debt is about 50,000,000yen!!
You decided to dsettle your father’s debt as his daughter. But there was no way to pay them off!
All of a sudden, a hot rich guy appeared in front of you and propose to you!!
Even though he was totally different from your ideal type, you decided to marry him because of his attractive offer.
“Marry me right now, and then I will pay off your debts. Instead of that, you will have to…”
The dramatic romance spread out before your eyes!!
“We are related by the contract marriage.”
“Well, give me your kiss of ‘vow’.”
“Now, you should do whatever I say.”


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