[Walkthrough] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ Roberto Button



[Prologue] Making Dreams Come True

[Episode 1] My First Job…A Royal Ball?!

A. Allow him to show you around.
B. Politely Decline. (+)

A. Don’t I know you from… (+)
B. That crest…

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Black Ribbon Hairband (Charm +10) ~ 500 Cruz -> Get a CG!

[Episode 2] A Miracle For Me?!

A. Your gown is beautiful. (+)
B. It’s nothing.

A. Red wine.
B. White wine. (+)

[Episode 3] Sneaking Out From The Party

A. Go after Glenn.
B. Stay with Roberto. (+)

A. Thank you very much.
B. I’ll be fine on my own. (+)

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[Episode 4] An Unexpected Visitor

A. Thank you again for before.
B. Why did you come back? (+)

A. Agree with Monsieur Pierre (+)
B. Give your honest opinion

Sweet route: Brown Bag & Scarf ~ 1000 Cruz -> Get a CG!

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[Special Story] The Opportunity Has Arrived

A. A spread about Joshua.  (+)
B. A spread about Glenn.

A. I have been feeling a little stressed. (+)
B. I’m really fine.

[Episode 5] The Pure White Envelope

A. Why are you here, Prince Joshua?
B. I’m afraid this area is for staff only… (+)

A. Continue listening to them.
B. Leave the conversation. (+)

Main Story:

*Start with 50 Chemistry

[Episode 1] The Castle’s Wall

A. When in Rome… (+3)
B. Refuse to let the prince carry it.

A. I think you should go back.
B. Why do you want to leave? (+3)

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~Unlock Town Slot:
Mushroom House ~ 1 Gem/ 2000 Cruz
Colorful House ~ 2 Gems/ 4000 Cruz
Gelato Shop ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 2] Commemorating the Start of a Friendship

A. Tell him to stop. (+3)
B. Hurry across.

A. Gently let him down. (+3)
B. Refuse him flat out.

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Princess Mission:
Require 3000+ Royal Factor

[Episode 3] Love’s Cupid!?

A. Just one more.
B. We really should go. (+3)

A. Say you’ll come to his room later.
B. Let him in. (+3)

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[Episode 4] Alone in His Room

A. …like sweets? (+3)
B. …dislike sweets?

A. The moon sure is pretty tonight
B. Your hair is naturally curly? (+3)

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~Unlock Town Slot:
Altaria Fashion ~ 2 Gems/ 4000 Cruz
Brick House ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz
Concert Hall ~ 4 Gems/ 8000 Cruz

[Episode 5] Irreplaceable

A. Talk about the shirt. (+3)
B. Talk about Alberto.

A. Try to play it off by being vague.
B. Admit that you had put it away. (+3)

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Lavender Party Dress Set ~ 3 Gems
Normal Route: Purple Ribbon with Flower ~ 1 Gem/ 2000 Cruz

SS: The Prince’s Escort

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[Episode 6] Friends through a Window

A. Decline because it’s so late.
B. Have some because you want it. (+3)

A. Tell them a bit more about him.
B. Say it’s a business relationship. (+3)

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[Episode 7] A Growing Crush

A. Do what Roberto wants.
B. Do what Alberto wants.

A. Thank you very much. (+3)
B. Not at all.

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Princess Mission:
Require 24000+ Royal Factor

[Episode 8] Moving Back Home!?

A. Tell him not to touch it.
B. Grab it before he can. (+3)

A. Hide the photo with your hand.
B. Don’t try to hide the photo. (+3)

Get a Letter

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Winter Style Set ~ 6 Gems
Normal Route: Vintage Duo-tone Shawl ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

~Unlock Town Slot:
Record Shop ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz
Bookstore ~ 4 Gems/ 8000 Cruz
Glove Shop ~ 5 Gems/ 10000 Cruz

[Episode 9] A Keepsake from the Queen

A. Go along with it. (+3)
B. Turn him down.

A. Say “I knew that!” (+3)
B. Don’t say anything.

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[Episode 10] Runaway

A. Well, it is a contest after all. (+3)
B. It’s nothing to be jealous about.

A. I really didn’t. (+3)
B. Sorry.

Get a Letter

Princess Mission:
Require 43000+ Royal Factor

~Unlock Town Slot:
Altaria Museum ~ 4 Gems/ 8000 Cruz
Pizzeria ~ 5 Gems/ 10000 Cruz
Altaria Ferris Wheel ~ 6 Gems/ 12000 Cruz

[Episode 11] A City’s Love Song

A. Took a piece, pretending not to hear.
B. Asked him, “Really?” (+3)

A. Keep holding onto his hand. (+3)
B. Let go and applaud the performer.

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[Episode 12] The Lingering Kiss

A. Mention the interviewer. (+3)
B. Just thank him.

A. Try asking. (+3)
B. Pretend you didn’t notice.

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Design Black Gown Set ~ 10 Gems
Normal Route: Simple Black Mini-Dress ~ 6 Gems/ 12000 Cruz

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[Episode 13] Fate of the Necklace

A. Ask him why he did it. (+3)
B. Don’t ask him about it.

A. “Be Happy.” (+3)
B. “I’m going.”

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[Episode 14]

Make a joke.

You knew?

Secret Happy End:
Require 100 Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter
Get a CG!
Get an Avatar!

Happy End:
Require 100 Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter
Get a CG!

Secret Normal End:
Require 0+ Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter

Normal End:
Require 0+ Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter


20 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ Roberto Button

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  2. How important are the choices in the prologue? Because for 4.4, SS3, and 5.5 I chose the opposite and still got credit. Right now I’m on the main story, episode 2 and I have 59 charm.


  3. I suppose the right answer for episode is “Do what Roberto wants”, since I’ve chosen “Do what Alberto wants” and said that the answer could be better. The same thing happened with the episode 10. The right answer is “I’m sorry” (or something like that xD).


      • ..I chose “do what alberto wants” and got the answer could be better….from what I see from all the comments, everybody are getting “the answer could be better” so maybe both answers don’t give chemistry…?


  4. I think the game system is pretty bugged up… I picked “Do what Roberto wants” and it said it was the WRONG answer. But then I went on the Internet and people that picked “do what Alberto wants” said they ALSO got wrong answer.

    There were some other questions that behaved in the same way… I think the second one on episode 10 is like that too and there was another one…

    If this keeps going, we might need to send some reports to Voltage, since I wouldn’t like missing my good ending for a program error…


    • I picked Roberto’s route after Joshua so I’m going to see which ones give chemistry and go with it ^^;;

      Thank you telling 😀
      And just so you know, you start with 50 Chemistry and maximum is 100, and all yo need is at least 17 right answers (right…? :P) so you’re not in grave danger for getting Secret endings ^u^b


    • Like Sumire says, even if you miss a few answers, as long as you get enough right to fill the heart you are okay. I was worried about the same thing since I seemed to be having horrible luck with it, but then I read that the endings are dependent on having 100 chemistry and then vary depending the amount of royal factors you have.

      The secret ending, for example, requires 72000+ RF, and the super happy one requires at least 72000 (from what I’ve read).

      Still, if the questions are bugging out like that, Voltage should still address it.


  5. Hi I am very new to these types of games, I was wondering what the “change prince” button will do? If I change to a different prince will that mess up my current story? I’m not quite sure how that works exactly, please let me know if possible, thank you!


    • oh, did you finish reading one Story? …well… “Change Prince” appears when you have finished. It won’t mess up anything, you’ll just be moving on to your next story. You can still read the same story again to get another kind of ending.


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