[Walkthrough] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ Joshua Lieben



[Prologue] Making Dreams Come True

[Episode 1] My First Job…A Royal Ball?!

A. Allow him to show you around.
B. Politely Decline. (+)

A. Don’t I know you from…
B. That crest… (+)

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Black Ribbon Hairband (Charm +10) ~ 500 Cruz -> Get a CG!

[Episode 2] A Miracle For Me?!

A. Your gown is beautiful. (+)
B. It’s nothing.

A. Red wine. (+)
B. White wine.

[Episode 3] Sneaking Out From The Party

A. Go after Glenn (+)
B. Stay with Roberto

A. Thank you very much.
B. I’ll be fine on my own. (+)

Get a Letter

[Episode 4] An Unexpected Visitor

A. Thank you again for before.
B. Why did you come back? (+)

A. Agree with Monsieur Pierre (+)
B. Give your honest opinion

Sweet route: Brown Bag & Scarf ~ 1000 Cruz -> Get a CG!

Get a Letter

[Special Story] The Opportunity Has Arrived

A. A spread about Joshua.  (+)
B. A spread about Glenn

A. I have been feeling a little stressed (+)
B. I’m really fine

[Episode 5] The Pure White Envelope

A. Why are you here, Prince Joshua? (+)
B. I’m afraid this area is for staff only…

A. Continue listening to them
B. Leave the conversation (+)

Main Story:

*Start with 50 Chemistry

[Episode 1] Designer with a Deadline

A. Tell him why you’re here.
B. Show him the letter. (+3)

A. Thank you very much!
B. Really? (+3)

Get a Letter

~Unlock Town Slot:
Antiqe house ~ 1 Gem/ 2000 Cruz
Perfumiere ~ 2 Gems/ 4000 Cruz
Dres Van Bakery ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

[Episode 2] An Accidental Kiss!?

A. Say something (+3)
B. Say nothing.

A. Talk to Prince Joshua. (+3)
B. Talk to Jan.

Princess Mission:
Require 3000+ Royal Factor.

Get a Letter

[Episode 3] The Unbreakable Contract

A. I’ll pay it!
B. How much is it? (+3)

A. Does my dress look strange? (+3)
B. Is something wrong?

Get a Letter

[Episode 4] Rules of Engagement

A. Ask him which animals. (+3)
B. Wonder about it but don’t ask.

A. Go and see what happened.
B. Assume you imagined it. (+3)

Get a Letter

~Unlock Town Slot:
Chimney House ~ 2 Gems/ 4000 Cruz
Clock shop ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz
Wine Bar ~ 4 Gems/ 8000 Cruz

[Episode 5] A Proper Marriage

A. Burst out laughing. (+3)
B. Say thanks, but no thanks.

A. What’s the matter?
B. Ask him about his childhood. (+3)

Get a Letter

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Mocha Ribbon Dress Set ~ 3 Gems
Normal Route: Velvet Clutch ~ 1 Gem/ 2000 Cruz

SS: An Awkward Kindness

[Episode 6] An Unnerving Shadow

A. Turn back. (+3)
B. Wait there.

A. Watch him quietly.
B. Talk to him about it. (+3)

Get a Letter

[Episode 7] The Prince Next Door

A. Stand your ground. (+3)
B. Try to leave.

A. Sorry. (+3)
B. I couldn’t sleep.

Get a Letter

Princess Mission:
Require 24000+ Royal Factor.

[Episode 8] On the Moonlit Balcony

A. Ask his favorite flower.
B. Ask about the language of flowers. (+3)

A. Apologize. (+3)
B. Get embarrassed and go back to your room.

Get a Letter

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: City of Flowers Dress Set ~ 6 Gems
Normal Route: Lace-up Boots ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz

SS: A Dance Just for Us

Get a Letter

~Unlock Town Slot:
~ Tree House ~ 3 Gems/ 6000 Cruz
~ Puppet Theatre ~ 4 Gems/ 8000 Cruz
~ Dres Van Cinema ~ 5 Gems/ 10000 Cruz

[Episode 9] A Goodwill Summit?!

A. Ask Jan. (+3)
B. Want, but resist temptation.

A. Offer to sleep in a sleeping bag. (+3)
B. Offer to sleep in a different lodge.

Get a Letter

[Episode 10] Secret Date in the City

A. Thank you. (+3)
B. Maybe you shouldn’t come.

A. I’m sorry, you’ve mistaken us.
B. Please don’t tell anybody we’re here. (+3)

Get a Letter

Princess Mission:
Require 43000+ Royal Factor.

~Unlock Town Slot:
~ Sub Shop ~ 4 Gems/ 8000 Cruz
~ Hat Shop ~ 5 Gems/ 10000 Cruz
~ Library ~ 6 Gems/ 12000 Cruz

[Episode 11] The One I Want to Protect

A. Tell him that those are outfits for the royal couple. (+3)
B. Close the door in embarrassment.

A. It’s a shop selling bear.
B. It’s a shop selling sausages. (+3)

Get a Letter

[Episode 12] Voices in My Head

A. I’m sorry, it’s too sudden.
B. I’m sorry, I’m not ready. (+3)

A. Answer it in shock. (+3)
B. Hang up in shock.

Avatar Mission:
Sweet Route: Pink Pinstripe Dress Set ~ 10 Gems
Normal Route: Dazzling Drop Earrings ~ 6 Gems/ 12000 Cruz

SS: Missing you

Get a Letter

[Episode 13] The Hands We Held

A. Call his cell phone.
B. Go to the manor gate. (+3)

A. It wasn’t your fault. (+3)
B. Please don’t apologize.

Get a Letter

[Episode 14] The Disgraces Princess

A. Call your parents. (+3)
B. Call Naomi.

A. Chase after him. (+)
B. Don’t chase after him.

Get a Letter

Secret Happy End:
Require 100 Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter
Get a CG!
Get an Avatar!

Happy End:
Require 100 Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter
Get a CG!

Secret Normal End:
Require 0+ Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter

Normal End:
Require 0+ Chemistry
Require 72000+ Royal Factors

Get a Letter


30 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Be My Princess: PARTY ~ Joshua Lieben

  1. Pingback: Be My Princess: PARTY | Blooming Sumire

    • Welcome,
      The answers are basically the same as the GREE version, so…yeah…they’re from the GREE version, I just need to confirm the answers and add the Mission requirements and all other stuff that are different :3


      • OHH I see! I didn’t play gree so I didn’t realize, thats actually great! I hope the other guys’ routes work out that way. I always get so upset and sad when I don’t pick the right answer xD


  2. What should be the range of the cumulative chemistry points in order to be eligible for the secret happy end? Because for each correct answer is an increment of +3 points right? So following your baseline chemistry point: 50, and then all the plus 3s for each correct answer in this walkthrough, you’ll have 134 chemistry points by the end of chapter 14… Will that make you automatically eligible to access secret happy end?


  3. is there a difference between the sweet route and normal route for the avatar missions? i know there is for the gree version, and up till now i’ve only done the sweet routes, but I’m at the avatar mission for ep 8/9 and i don’t have enough gems (missing 1! grrr).


  4. Hey thanks so much for your walkthroughs, they’ve been super helpful! I was wondering if you could help me once more. I’ve just finished Joshua’s route, but the only choices I have are the normal and happy endings. I have 100 chemistry and over 72000 RF but the secret endings aren’t an option. How do these work? (I want to make sure I get the secret happy ending). Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve taken a screenshot, but I’m not sure how to post it? The layout is roughly:

        Your love’s fate
        You can decide your ending!

        To happy end (button)
        You can choose this route if you have over 100 chemistry
        You can get a different bonus to normal end

        To normal end (button)
        You can choose this regardless of chemistry
        You’ll get a different bonus

        And at the bottom there’s a banner saying: ‘Clear the secret happy end…build a castle in your town!’ (This banner isn’t clickable, just tells you about the prize)

        There’s no other mention of the secret endings. I have 100 chemistry and 78876 RF (total 79240) so not sure why there’s nothing there!

        P.s. Sorry if I’m just being silly/blind and thanks again!


      • Basically you have to click the happy end button then it will redirect you to wheather you choose the secret happy end or the happy end.
        Hope this helps


  5. That wasn’t actually my question but yes, you’re supposed to choose all the sweet routes and then in that screen which Dev described after choosing happy or normal end it will then give you an option again to choose the respective secret ends. I’ve done it and yeah that’s how I managed


  6. I was wondering…. I’ve come to choosing fate for joshua’s route… and… kinda confused.
    I wanted to make sure I got secret happy end so… by blue’s comment at january 27th, does that mean in require to get secret happy ending, you should at first pick the happy ending
    button, continue the love story, and at some point there’s gonna be another fate option again to go to secret happy ending?


    • Its just a matter of buttons. First click Happy end and then another two buttons will show up after you click that and that will give you the option for secret happy or just happy.
      Same thing for normal. First click normal and then another two buttons will show up and that will give you the option for secret normal or just normal.

      It will also show you the requirements and if you meet the requirements go’head. I have completed both the Secret Happy and Secret Normal and you get different avatars in both of them. You get a letter, CG, castle and dress in Secret Happy and you get a Letter and hair avatar for Secret Normal.


  7. For 4.4, i chose to give my own opinion and i earned chemistry points from that. i had that same result when i played this for the GREE version so i stuck to it. Just letting you know! =^~^=


  8. Uhm! Hello! Thank you for the guide! Really helped me a lot! ^_^. Anyway, where can I find the invitation code? thank you!


    • Um, I don’t think I’ll be writing summarys…(Currently, I don’t have the time to even update the blog with new walkthroughs ;;; )
      O also, it’s just me (one person) running this blog _(:,D7


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