[Walkthrough] 2/2 LOVER ~ Setsuna

 photo IMG_0005_zps1dc21889.png

[Chapter 1] The Demon Arrives
A. Got angry.
B. Averted my eyes. (+)

[Chapter 2] Who do you think I am??
A. Tried to dig deeper. (+)
B. Changed the subject.

[Chapter 3] Fighting Words
A. Yelled.
B. Complained. (+)

[Chapter 4] I Don’t NOT Like You
A. Asked what he wants. (+)
B. Recommended coffee.

[Chapter 5] A Failproof Way to Silence Someone
A. Slapped him.
B. Shoved him away. (+)

[Chapter 6] Clumsy Kindness
A. Tried to complain.
B. Made a joke. (+)

[Chapter 7] A Different Side, Getting Closer
A. Did I say something weird? (+)
B. A nice demon… How strange.

[Chapter 8] Once a Demon…!
A. I’m so frustrated!
B. That didn’t count! (+)

[Chapter 9] Unexpected Kindness
A. Held back my tears. (+)
B. Cried even harder.

[Chapter 10] The Reason for the Temper
A. Apologized for being late. (+)
B. Didn’t know what to say.

[Chapter 11] The First Sweet Date?
A. Felt drained. (+)
B. Sighed.

[Chapter 12] A Sudden Proposal
A. “So you *did* see!”
B. “Forget it!” (+)

[Chapter 13] Invisible Jealousy
A. Is it the camera?
B. I just wanted to show Hinata. (+)

[Chapter 14] More Important than a Ring
A. He’s being mean again… (+)
B. I feel stupid for being relieved…

[Chapter 15] Unstoppable Feelings
A. Why me?
B. I’m getting mad…! (+)

[Chapter 16] Not Serious, but Not a Lie
A. Shouted, “I love you!” (+)
B. Fell silent, debating.

[Chapter 17] I Would Give Up my Life
A. Help!
B. Don’t come closer! (+)


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