[Walkthrough] 2/2 LOVER ~ Hinata

 photo IMG_0004_zps8bb02f68.png

[Chapter 1] Welcome Angel!
A. Just a little.
B. All of it! (+)

[Chapter 2] Are we… Lovers!?
A. I can’t do that! (+)
B. Should I give it a try!?

[Chapter 3] A Delicious Secret Ingredient
A. Run to the store!
B. Stand there in despair. (+)

[Chapter 4] You’re the One I Think of
A. Answered Hinata.
B. Talked to the old lady. (+)

[Chapter 5] I’ll Never Let Go
A. Apologized right away. (+)
B. Gave an excuse.

[Chapter 6] The Angel’s Secret
A. Flailed my arms.
B. Forced him away. (+)

[Chapter 7] Overcoming Shortcomings with a XX
A. Hugged him. (+)
B. Grabbed his hand.

[Chapter 8] Present from the Prince
A. Marguerite motif. (+)
B. Hydrangea motif.

[Chapter 9] Sudden Trouble
A. Prayed.
B. Resisted. (+)

[Chapter 10] The Most Important Person is Right Here
A. I stretched out my hand.
B. “Oh no! The ticket!” (+)

[Chapter 11] Near but Far, Desire Unleashed
A. Quickly apologized. (+)
B. Changed the subject.

[Chapter 12] Anything for You
A. Quickly released him.
B. Just a little longer… (+)

[Chapter 13] Can’t Let Go of your Hand
A. I’m so happy… (+)
B. Are you messing around?

[Chapter 14] Never Fading Love
A. “Th- thanks. I’m off!”
B. (I want to stay…) (+)

[Chapter 15] Warm Dreams, Gentle Affection
A. Thank you.
B. I’m going to sleep. (+)

[Chapter 16] Finding Out an Important Truth
A. Couldn’t say anything. (+)
B. Talked to him.

[Chapter 17] Torn Apart
A. Tell me it’s not true.
B. I want to grant your prayer. (+)


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