[Walkthrough] A Knight’s Devotion ~ Lute Main Story


Main Story:

[Chapter 1]
I’d think he was a kind person.

[Chapter 2]
It’s fun having people to talk to.

[Chapter 3]
Take Lute’s hand.
Silently cling to him.

[Chapter 4]
I’m glad we’re safe.
Look down.

[Chapter 5]
There’s no such thing as a perfect person.
Ask why.

[Chapter 6]
Lean up against Lute.
Because you were nervous right?

[Chapter 7]
Stay still.
Be embarrassed.

[Chapter 8]
Who will protect me now?
Thank you.

[Chapter 9]
Move away from Haku.
“You are so mean!”

[Chapter 10]
Tell him everyone’s worried about him.
Blame it on yourself.

[Chapter 11]
Ask why.

[Chapter 12]
Were you waiting for me?
I was so scared.

[Chapter 13]
Turn away.
I trust you.

[Chapter 14]
Hug him.
Be honest and say you’re happy.

[Chapter 15]
Touch his cheek.
Squeeze his hand.


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