[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight ~ Miyabi

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Miyabi’s walkthrough

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Main Story:

[Episode 1]
Thank him.
“Ten days? Not happening.”

[Episode 2]
“What are you talking about?”

[Episode 3]
Call for Miyabi.

[Episode 4]
“You look like a fox.”
You don’t smile.

[Episode 5]
“You’re terrible.”

[Episode 6]
“Really? You will?”
“That was a terrible thing to say.”

[Episode 7]
“I want to go home.”
“But you’re always forcing me…”

[Episode 8]
“We’re living together.”
“Are you lonely?”

[Episode 9]
“Then why were you staying so close to me?”
“I’m sorry for worrying you guys”

[Episode 10]
Hug him with all you’ve got.
“Thanks to you.”

[Episode 11]
“You said I was a tool.”
“I trust you.”

[Episode 12]
“Don’t come near me.”
“See that? You do need me.”

[Chapter 13]
Happy End

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Main Story:

[Episode 1]
“Then you think of something.”
“Mind if I join you.”

[Episode 2]
“Take Miyabi’s hand.”
“Don’t say such weird things.”

[Episode 3]
“We’ll figure out something.”
“They’re right.”

[Episode 4]
“I’m glad I met you.”
“I missed you.”

[Episode 5]
“Go ahead!”
“Same here.”

[Episode 6]
“I will save him.”
“They will understand each other one day.”

[Episode 7]
Hug him back.


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