[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight ~ Kyoga

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Kyoga’s walkthrough

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Main Story:

[Episode 1]
That’s a positive way to look at it.
Push him away.

[Episode 2]
Don’t make fun of me.
Well, I like fabric softner

[Episode 3]
Nice to meet you.
As the clan head wishes

[Episode 4]
Wipe up the tea.
I want to be with a guy I love.

[Episode 5]
Ask why he’s apologizing
…Don’t give him a reaction.

[Episode 6]
don’t be too hard on yourself.
That you like books.

[Episode 7]
I’m not interested, either.
What if I said I did?

[Episode 8]
It’s a secret.
I was just worried, that’s all.

[Episode 9]
Explain to Aoi yourself.

[Episode 10]
What about the agreement?
You should do what you want.

[Episode 11]
Be honest.
Then thank me.

[Episode 12]
Ask Aoi to help.
Look at Kyoga’s face.

[Episode 13]
Happy End 🙂

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 photo IMG_0924_zps35606909.png


[Episode 1]
I’m happy
Pet his head

[Episode 2]
Let’s revisit someplace special
Can’t you stay and talk?

[Episode 3]

[Episode 4]
Ask Samon his opinion
How nice he is

[Episode 5]
It’s your imagination
You don’t care about my friends?

[Episode 6]
Thanks for comforting me

[Episode 7]
I don’t care if I’m hurt
I’m sorry

[Episode 8]
Happy End


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