[Walkthrough][Event] My Forged Wedding: Party ~ Wine Tour Rendezvous

Wine Tour Rendezvous

πŸ‡ Event period:
~ Until 11/11 7am (UTC)
~ Yamato and Takao’s routes will be available on 11/4 (UTC)
πŸ‡ Event:
~You don’t need Love Passes to read the Event Stories.

πŸ‡ Endings:
~Event has two endings: Happy And and Normal End which have different contents in them.
~Endings will be determined by individual Affection
~You will be able to see how many individual affection you need to read Happy End.
~After finishing both Happy End and Normal End, an Epilogue story will be available to read.

πŸ‡ Event Mates:
~The maximum Event mates you can get is 10.

πŸ‡ Walkthroughs:
[Stage 1] First Grape Picking Experience
A. “No it’s okay, I’ll get it.”
B. Leave it to him. (+200)

[Stage 2] A Midnight Chase
Episode 2
Avatar Mission:
Antique Watch (Charm +45) ~ 200 Coins/ 3000 Mari

A. Dodge him. (+200)
B. Don’t dodge him.

[Stage 3] Secret of the Forbidden Door
Episode 3
A. Agree. (+200)
B. Disagree.

Episode 4
Avatar mission:
Bordeaux High-waist Skirt (Charm +60) ~ 300 Coins/ 4500 Mari

[Stage 4] Promise Under the Sunset
Happy End:
A. Ask him again.
B. Don’t ask about it anymore. (+200)

Normal End:
A. Say “no comment”
B. Look at Ren. (+200)

[Stage 1] Mind Your neighbor?
A. Get flustered. (+200)
B. Calm down.

[Stage 2] The Distance Between Us
Avatar Mission:
Ribbon Strapped High Heals (Charm +45) ~3000 Mari/ 200 coins

A. Don’t want to leave him.
B. Leave. (+200)

[Stage 3] Wine Trap
A. Shout out loud.
B. Call for help on my phone. (+200)

Avatar Mission:
Ribbon Chain Bag (Charm +60) ~ 4500 Mari/ 300 Coins

[Stage 4] Kindness and Surprises
Happy End:
A. Yes. (+200)
B. No.

Normal End:
A. No thank you.
B. Yeah! (+200)

[Stage 1] The Beautiful Sommelier
A. Some red grapes.
B. Some black grapes. (+200)

[Stage 2] Kuni’s Youthful Days!?
A. Tease him. (+200)
B. Cheer him up.

Avatar Mission:
Pearl Grape Earrings (Charm +45) ~ Β 3000 Mari/ 200 Coins

[Stage 3] Truth About Last Night
A. Peek out from under the covers. (+200)
B. Keep listening.

Avatar Mission:
Denim Jacket (Charm +60) ~ 4500 Mari/ 300 Coins

[Stage 4] In the Secret Attic…
A. I’m relieved I don’t have to go.
B. Say I’ll be fine on my own. (+200)

[Stage 1] After Grape Picking…
A. “Yeah” (+200)
B. “Of course not!”

[Stage 2] O-mikuji and the Monkey
Avatar Mission:
Bordeaux Lipstick (Charm +45) ~ 3000 Mari/200 coins

A. “Can I really trust you?”
B. “How can you be so strong?” (+200)

[Stage 3] Bathing Together…!?
A. “What a nice memory.” (+200)
B. “I’ll carry you, then.”

Avatar Mission:
Button-up Jacket (Charm +45) ~ 4500 Mari/300 coins

[Stage 4] A Secret Kiss
Happy End:
A. “Admit he’s right.”
B. “Play dumb.” (+200)

[Stage 1]
A. Ask him, “What do you mean by that?”
B. Play dumb and say, “I really will.” (+200)

[Stage 2]
Avatar Mission:
Chic Lace Hat (Charm +45) ~ 3000 Mari/200 coins

A. “I don’t think I’m quite as stubborn as you are.” (+200)
B. “Maybe we’re growing more alike”.

[Stage 3]
A. (Jokinkly) “Maybe !” (+200)
B. (Seriously) “Of course not !”

Avatar Mission:
Tapered Checked Pants (Charm +60) ~ 4500 Mari/300 coins

[Stage 4]
Happy End:
A. Quietly leave the room.
B. Quickly run out of the room. (+200)


5 thoughts on “[Walkthrough][Event] My Forged Wedding: Party ~ Wine Tour Rendezvous

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  2. Did you get the epilogues for them?
    I thought they were something we could keep and read whenever we wanted so i did not read them at that moment. And now that i was looking for them, i saw that they were suppose to be read at the moment… do u know where i can find them and read them? I really wanted to know what happened with Ren’s. . .


    • If you read both Happy end and Normal end you will get the Epilogue.
      You can find them by, tapping on you menu -> albums -> story and select Ren. There, the epilogues should be ^^

      And honestly speaking…I couldn’t get any of the epilogues TuT (The total affection requirements are insane…and a few of my mates just happen to forfeit ^^;;)


    • Hii
      text where? If it’s the text in the site, it should switch to phone view, if it doesn’t, you can just zoom it in.
      However, if it’s text in game, please contact the developers.


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