[Walkthrough] Be My Princess 2 ~ Aslan Mafdir Season 1

 photo alvahs1p1
Aslan’s walkthrough

 photo alvahs1p2
[Episode 1]
Are you bored?
The sweet smelling lavender.

[Episode 2]
I wasn’t enjoying it.
About this scent.

[Episode 3]

[Episode 4]
I only have one room.

[Episode 5]
I was going to.
Herbal tea.

[Episode 6]
Say something.

[Episode 7]
Am I the right person?
I’ll do my best, but..

[Episode 8]
Why are you here?
Change the subject.

[Episode 9]
Can I?
I’ll be strict.

[Episode 10]
I came with Aslan.
No way!

[Episode 11]
I’ll enter!
Rock salt from Philip Kingdom.

[Episode 12]
Salt pickled cherry blossoms.
I’m covered in flour.

[Episode 13]
Then everything will be fine!
What’s going on?

[Episode 14]
Courageously take his hand
I want to go, but..

[Episode 15]
Were you spying?
You and Aslan reconciled.

 photo alvahseq_zps362cd62e.png

[Episode 1]
That’s private.
I’m hungry.

[Episode 2]
I had a lot of fun.
I just got here.

[Episode 3]
He was worried about you.
Pistachio mabroomeh.

[Episode 4]
I’ll study.
I’m glad we saw.

[Episode 5]
There’s a trick to it.
It seems so long ago.

[Episode 6]
It was fun.
We’re going, right?

[Episode 7]
Eastern Shaharazal butter tea.
Give me triple!


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