[Walkthrough] Be My Princess 2 ~ Oliver Button Season 1

 photo olivers1p1_zps777e737f.png
Oliver’s Season 1 walkthrough

 photo olivers1p2_zpsee497469.png

[Episode 1]
What’s your favorite dessert?
You pass.

[Episode 2]
I’ll go.
Watching sports.

[Episode 3]
A place filled with women.
You’re really strong.

[Episode 4]
She adores you.
He’s an amazing person.

[Episode 5]
I want to do something.
I’m a pastry chef.

[Episode 6]
I’m not sure.
Stand still.

[Episode 7]
Of course he’s lying.
A photo.

[Episode 8]
It’s my pleasure.
My work here is finished.

[Episode 9]
I understand how Oliver feels.

[Episode 10]
Don’t apologize.
Please stop.

[Episode 11]
It’s a secret.

[Episode 12]
They’re cute, right?
Don’t joke around.

[Episode 13]
Please have the surgery.
I’ll try.

[Episode 14]
It’s intuition.
Of course not.

[Episode 15]
I approve.
I was admiring you.

 photo oliverseq_zpsd253c3d7.png

[Episode 1]
My feelings wouldn’t change.
I put up with it.

[Episode 2]
It’s wonderful.

[Episode 3]
He’s really serious.
How about word of mouth?

[Episode 4]
I’m excited.
I’m happy.

[Episode 5]
You want me to wear it?

[Episode 6]
No way!
It is an important time.

[Episode 7]
I don’t regret it.
I can’t do that.


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