[Walkthrough] Be My Princess 2 ~ Kuon J. Casiraghi Season 1

 photo kuons1p1_zps1c977dff.png
Cain’s Season 1 walkthrough

 photo kuons1p2_zps3d145188.png
[Episode 1]
Start a conversation.
Push him away.

[Episode 2]
Ask him to come by the bakery.
Look away.

[Episode 3]
Stay silent.

[Episode 4]
Watch a comedy.
Look down.

[Episode 5]
He is…
Shall we do them together?

[Episode 6]
Is it about Oriens?
Eat it yourself.

[Episode 7]
Make an excuse.
I got lost.

[Episode 8]

[Episode 9]
Stay put.
Stop him.

[Episode 10]
Squeeze his hand.

[Episode 11]
Say nothing.
Wipe it yourself.

[Episode 12]
I don’t really want to go.

[Episode 13]

[Episode 14]
Embrace him.
Say nothing.

[Episode 15]
Say nothing.
Go with him.

 photo kuonseq_zpsd1560d94.png
[Episode 1]
No, not yet.
Look at Kuon.

[Episode 2]
Lay your hand on his.

[Episode 3]
I’m feeling emotional.
Look at Prince Kuon.

[Episode 4]
I’m happy.
Offer cake.

[Episode 5]
I’m worried.
Look at Prince Kuon.

[Episode 6]
No, it’s fine.
I spilled the flour.

[Episode 7]
Thank you.
This is exciting.


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