[Walkthrough] Our Two Bedroom Story ~ Shusei Hayakawa Season 1

 photo shuseis1p1_zps9ef12f84.png
Shusei’s Seson 1 walkthrough

 photo shuseis1p2_zpsdb10454a.png

[Chapter 1]
I don’t think so.
Shall I make you some, too?

[Chapter 2]
It’s a bit of a leap.
I’ll get you back.

[Chapter 3]
I’m so nervous.
You’re teasing me again.

[Chapter 4]
I’ll give it a shot.
Is that what it looks like?

[Chapter 5]
Take Shusei’s side.
Jump out of the way.

[Chapter 6]
Let’s cook together again sometime.
I’m too heavy.

[Chapter 7]
You’d love to know, but can’t ask.
What subject did you teach?

[Chapter 8]
We talked about you.
Tell him it’s fine.

[Chapter 9]
Ignore them and get inside.
Tell the truth.

[Chapter 10]
Suggest a video game.
Hold his hand.

[Chapter 11]
It’s for everyone’s sake.
I like him as a person.

[Chapter 12]
Tell him to talk to Minato.
Slip away together.

 photo shuseis1epilogue_zps9cfe2501.png

 photo shuseis1seq_zps9125ed78.png

[Chapter 1]
Sidestep cunningly.
Act like a couple.

[Chapter 2]
Find something yourself.
Laugh it off.

[Chapter 3]
Cuddle up to him and say nothing.
Act worried.

[Chapter 4]
A kiss.
A video arcade.

[Chapter 5]
Think it over yourself.
Look away.

[Chapter 6]
Go alone.
Go after him.

[Chapter 7]
Call Mom.
I thought you hated me.

 photo shuseis1seqepi_zps349ac2eb.png


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