[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: THE NIFLHEIM+ Philippe

Philippe’s walkthrough
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[Chapter 1]

A. Say something. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Squeeze his hand silently. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

A. I even dreamed about it. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. The prince was charming. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

Love challenge:
Pile of Books (Charm +7) ~ 1000 Gold

Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 2]

A. I’m sorry. (No change)
B. I couldn’t help it. (No change)

A. It doesn’t bother me. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. It’s embarrassing. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

Love Challenge:
Premium Story: Gloves and Folding Fan Set (Charm +50) ~ 300 Coins → Get a CG!
Normal Story: Ribbon Gloves (Charm +20) ~ 150 Coins/ 2000 Gold

A. I might be ill. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. I feel light-headed. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

[Chapter 3]

A. Be honest and say Philippe. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Go with the standard ideal, Orlando.
C. The one no one can replicate J.J.

A. Thank you! (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. I’m looking forward to it! (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

Love Challenge:
Require 1000+ Princess points

Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 4]

A. Speak openly. (No change)
B. Be subtle. (No change)

Love Challenge:
Require 4000+ Princess points

A. That’s hard to understand… (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. You’re right… (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 5]

A. Try desperately to explain. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Change the subject to study questions. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

A. Have a guess. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. Wait and see. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

Love Challenge:
Premium: Pink Check Robe Set (Charm +80) ~400 Coins
Normal: Yellow Casquette (Charm +30) ~ 200 Coins/ 3000 Gold

Get a Love Letter

*I’m not sure, but Chapter 6 didn’t appear…

[Chapter 7]
Love Challenge:
Require 10000+ Princess points

A. Talk about birds. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Sing. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

A. Call out to Phillipe. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. Wave. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

[Chapter 8]

A. Explain about cold feet. (No change)
B. I don’t want to tell you. (No change)
C. Talk about Skeletiano. (No change)

A. For Phillippe… (No change)
B. I meant it for Orlando.
C. What if I said J.J?
D. His Majesty of course.
E. What if I said it was you?
F. A mysterious hero that you don’t know! (No change)
G. Skeletiano of course! (No change)

[Chapter 9]

A. I want a helping hand. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. I’m already dead so it doesn’t matter. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

A. Why did you become an author? (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. Is 1000 years a long time?
C. Why did you bring me here? (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
Get a CG
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 10]

A. Sultry and sensual. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. With a smile on my face. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
C. Aloof and indifferent

Love Challenge:
Premium: Elegant Blue Dress (Charm +100) ~ 500 Coins → Get a CG!
Normal: Pink Dress (Charm +50) ~ 250 Coins /4000 Gold

A. What does she look like? (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. Where is she now? (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

[Chapter 11]

A. Use a Branch. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Use one of Bone’s Bone. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

A. Don’t worry! I’ll protect you! (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. So what happened? (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

[Chapter 12]

A. I’ll leave that up to my prince! (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Maybe in a room with fewer decorations. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

A. Just pray. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. Steal the guards sword. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

[Chapter 13]

A. I’ll jump from the train. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. I’ll stop the train. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

A. I’ll speak to the king directly. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Interrupt wedding plans. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

[Chapter 14]

A. Ask who would be going with who. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Say you don’t want to be apart from Philippe ever again. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

Love Challenge:
Premium: Girly Cape Set (Charm +150) ~ 700 Coins → CG
Normal: Ribbon Fur Robe Set (Charm +50) ~ 300 Coins/5000 Gold

A. Stop playing games now. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Can’t you see him? (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

[Chapter 15]

A. Fight. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)
B. Draw his attention. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)

A. State my appreciation. (Intimacy +2; Trust +5)
B. Became inspired intimacy. (Intimacy +5; Trust +2)

Love Challenge:
[Garden] Reception Hall (Charm +100) ~ 500 Coins/9000 Gold

[Chapter 16]
Romantic End:
Require 125+ Intimacy Level

Love Challenge:
Require 20000+ Princess Points

Get: Love Letter
Get a CG!
Story Ticket x5
Gold Poison x2
Love & Faithful Feather (+3) x1
Ball Invitation Card (1000pt) x1
[Him] Philippe Formal Attire x1

Mystic End:
Require 125+ Trust Level

Dark End:
Require 125- Trust Level, 125- Intimacy Level


5 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: THE NIFLHEIM+ Philippe

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  2. Hey, dunno how important this is to you at the moment but after 5.4, there’s another choice that pops up (I think it’s 5.8), and I guessed on it since you didn’t have it listed. Thankfully my guess was the desired result, the choices were either to guess at what Skeletiano was going to show you or to wait patiently for him to tell you himself. I chose to wait, seeing as how he was very excited, and the result was +5 Intimacy and +2 Trust, so I assume that guessing would lead to +2 Intimacy and +5 Trust? Maybe? I dunno, it threw me off since I wasn’t expecting the choice at all.


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