[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales ~ Gretel

Gretel’s walkthrough
My Invite ID: LSm0SPXLru

[Chapter 1]
Get a CG!
1.4 Use magic to get water.
1.9 Have them introduce someone to her.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 2]
2.4 She checks with her magic broom.
Gate of Fortune-Telling ~ 50% Success rate
2.7 She helps him.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 3]
3.1 She uses her magic crystal
3.4 She consults the Book of Magic.
Owl’s Forked Road ~ Require x1 Sweets
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 4]
4.5 She goes to his house.
Gate of Fortune-telling ~ 25% Success Rate
4.7 She hauls materials
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 5]
Get a CG!
5.3 Say she loves Gretel
5.6 Accept the offer.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 6]
6.3 Gretel
6.5 She goes in search for him.
Owl’s Forked Road ~ Require x5 Sweets
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 7]
7.3 She does her best to cook.
7.6 He is good with his hands.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 8]
8.1 She lets him kiss her.
Get a CG!
8.4 He should eat.
Owl’s Forked Road ~ Require x8 Sweets
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 9]
9.1 He has an idea.
9.6 They search together.
Gate of Fortune-telling ~ 10% Success Rate
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 10]
10.2 She picks it up.
10.8 She takes on Toto
Owl’s Forked Road ~ Require x16 Sweets


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