Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale

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♥︎ Arithmetic love game ♥︎
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Got taken by the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland――then you became the queen of the fariy tale world!
The forbidden love♥game with seven princes from fairy tales has finally been released!
Story Button As the queen of the fairy tale world,you open the forbidden door to rescue the world――
The shocking ending is waiting for you――!?
Before the due date of tasks, you were so tired and nodding in the office. All at once a white rabbit appeared in front of you!
The rabbit took the document there and then started to run away.
Then you were running after the rabbit and after you got out from the office, you were suddenly fallen into the mysterious black ground……。
When you woke up, you realized where you were was a castle!?
As a queen of the fairy tale world, you were proposed by the seven princes――!?
In confusion, you would have to choose one prince to become your partner and also the king of the fairy tale world――
Tips Button

~Make many friends and Thank them to get 20 Diamonds per player everyday. Thanking players that are not in your friends list won’t give you Diamonds.
~Do Queen Lessons when it’s double time, it will double you results, but it’s not always
The 100% success rate:
– Sat-Sun 8.00pm-11.00am
– Mon-Fri 8.00pm-10.00pm
Elegance double time:
– Sat-Sun 9.00pm-11.00pm
– Mon-Fri 9.00pm-10.00pm
*they are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
~Collect as much Apple as you can to use them for events. Make friends and talk with them and help each other.
~Do NOT spend real money for platinum. You can install app.s and collect platinum little by little.
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Click on the pictures to go to their walkthrough 
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