[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Magic Sword+ Ethan

ethan intro
Ethan’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1]
1.6 Continue.
Get CG
1.11 Drink just a little.
Get a Love letter

[Chapter 2]
2.4 Didn’t think of weird food.
Dragon Checkpoint ~ Require x1 Sword
2.6 Help out?
Get a Love letter

[Chapter 3]
3.2 The more people, the better.
Fairy Challenge
3.7 Make an excuse.
Get a Love letter

[Chapter 4]
4.4 Don’t make fun of me.
Dragon Checkpoint ~ Require x3 Sword
Get CG
4.9 I’m sorry.
Get Love a letter

[Chapter 5]
Fairy Challenge
5.5 I was surprised.
5.8 Feel his forehead.
Get Love a letter

[Chapter 6]
Wounded Hero ~ ?% succession rate
6.3 We should stay together.
Get a CG!
6.6 I won’t do anything foolish.
Get a Love letter

[Chapter 7]
Wounded Hero ~ ?% succession rate
7.2 So embarrassing.
7.9 Give him some water.
Get a Love letter

[Chapter 8]
8.2 Why are you apologizing?
Dragon Checkpoint ~ Require x5 Sword
8.9 Ethan, you’ll ride with me? Won’t you?
Get a CG!
Get Love a letter

[Chapter 9]
9.1 Tell him you’re reassured.
Wounded Hero ~ ?% succession rate
9.3 Don’t sacrifice yourself
Get Love a letter

[Chapter 10]
10.4 We’ll drink at the castle
10.7 Of course I do
Dragon Checkpoint ~ Require x7 Sword
Get Love a letter


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