[Walkthrough] Pure Love ~ Kentai Leon

Leon’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1.5]
A: Of course you can’t!
B: But I heard that you are forbidden to fall in love.
C: Wait, but… (+1%)

[Chapter 2.2]
[1] A cruel expression. (+2%)
[2] Pureness is cool!
[3] Let me cut the word up and make it to form a phrase ‘the cook roosts’

[Chapter 3]
~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

[Chapter 4.4]

[1] Pair up with Hiro
[2] Pair up with Leon (+)
[3] Nah…I can’t…

[Chapter 5]
[1] Try to trust him. (+)
[2] But…
[3] Decide after confirming.

[Chapter 6]
[1] Force an answer on them. (+)
[2] Keep quiet.
[3] Answer PureBoys back.


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