[Walkthrough][Updating] Love Academy ~ Yota Ameda

Yota Ameda Yota’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1] I am the King of this Academy

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 2] Bow and Crower Under Me!

[1] No +5
[3] Yes.

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 3] Don’t Pretend You Know Everything!

[1] The president (+5)
[2] Takumi.
[3] Both.

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 4] I Have My Reasons.

[1] Tell him the truth. (+5)
[2] Bluff as much as I can.
[3] Remain in silence.

[1] Is your house very big?
[2] I am looking forward for it! (+5)
[3] I don’t really want to go…

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 5] Take a Break!

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 6] With all My Pride

[1] Stop him no matter what. (+5)
[2] Let him be, there is nothing I can do.
[3] Being dumbfounded by his actions.

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 7] My Feelings

[1] Reject (+5)
[2] Hesitate.
[3] Agree.

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 8] As Long as You’re with Me

[1] Of course! (+5)
[2] No way!
[3] I’m kinda shy…

~Unlock a Panel

[Chapter 9] You are Mine!

TOGO +20


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