[Walkthrough] Love! Sushi Rangers ~ Yu Maguro

Maguro’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1] A Billboard Couple

Get a CG!

[1] He’s human.
[2] He seems to be conscious about me. (25%)
[3] He’s like a tuna sushi.

~Unlock New Panel~

[Chapter 2] A Serious Person

Get a CG!

[1] Kei, do you think you can take Maguro’s place?
[2] I am sure that Maguro and I can work something out, right?
[3] I guess I should try and ask others what to do… (25%)

~Unlock New Panel~

[Chapter 3] Friendship Special Training

Get a CG!

[1] It’s great that the two are getting along.
[2] It’s great that I could help Maguro. (25%)
[3] Looks like I don’t have to practice anymore.

~Unlock New Panel~

[Chapter 4] A Contest For You

[1] But if you’re only making sushi…
[2] Why of course! Sure!
[3] I want to spend my time together with you in the future. (25%)

~Unlock New Panel~

Get Bonus 30 koyon

[Top-Rate Worker] Happy End:
Require 99% +
Get a CG!

[Unskilled Worker] Normal End:
Require 49% +

[Novice] Bad End:
Require 49% –


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