[Walkthrough] Love! Sushi Rangers ~ Tamaki Marui

Tamago’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1] Prank Kiss

Get a CG!

[1] It made me feel so happy and excited. (25%)
[2] I guess i should make sure with him.
[3] He is still capable of doing things like that despite being a young boy.

~Unlock New Panel~

[Chapter 2] I’m a Boy!

[1] I think he’s a cute younger brother.
[2] I think he’s an innocent boy. (25%)
[3] I think he’s a very considerate person.

Get a CG!

~Unlock New Panel~

[Chapter 3] Time for Parting

Get a CG!

[1] Yes you did.
[2] Not exactly, but it feels uncomfortable.
[3] I don’t know how I feel yet. (25%)

~Unlock New Panel~

[Chapter 4] An Important Existence

Get a CG!

[1] I don’t think of him as my younger brother anymore. I think of him as someone important. (25%)
[2] I think he is an important friend.
[3] I think he’s more important than that. More important than a younger brother.

~Unlock New Panel~

[Jealous] Happy End:
Require 99% +

[A Worried Person] Normal End:
Require 49% +

[Madness] Bad End:
Require 49% –


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