[Walkthrough]Love Academy ~ Togo Gen

Togo Togo’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1] The One With Piercing Gaze

Get a CG!

[Chapter 2] The One Shouldered With Mysteries

[1] I can cook.
[2] I can’t cook. (+5)
[3] I’m okay…I guess?

~Unlock new panel

[Chapter 3] I Know Him

[1] J-Pop. (+5)
[2] Country.
[3] Others.

~Unlock new panel

[1] I want to see him soon!
[2] But wait…I don’t want to see him, because I am still immature… (+5)
[3] No…Actually, I don’t know…

~Unlock new panel

[Chapter 4] His Weaknesses

Get a CG!

~Unlock new panel

[Chapter 5] Songs, melodies and him.

Please let me think about it +5

[Chapter 6] The face behind the mask

[1] Of course! (+5)
[2] I’d like to go but…
[3] I’m sorry, I forgot about it.

~Unlock new panel

[Chapter 7] The gap that separates us

[1] What should I do…
[2] It’s okay even if I’m not going.
[3] Okay I’ll leave… (+5)

~Unlock new panel

[Chapter 8] Tell Me Why

[1] What happened? (+5)
[2] I’ve heard nothing about this! It’s unbelievable.
[3] There is nothing I could say.

~Unlock new panel

[Chapter 9] To the After School Songstress

[1] I ‘ll do my best in Japan (+20)
[2] I will go to France with you, Togo!
[3] I won’t go!

[Chapter 10] My Time with You…
~True End~


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