Miranda’s Choice

unnamed  NMG2 love game 


Enter a world of romance and magic!
A sweet, romantic love story with dramatic twists, perfect for summer.
Prologue ~ Free
Each character ~ $3.99


Miranda spent most of her life living peacefully on a small island. Her only company are her father, a magic being who serves him, and a man who has been living on the island even longer than her.
One day, a violent storm brings new people into her life…

character 1
The noble prince – Ferdinand
Polite and considerate, but also a little impulsive.
“I want to make you my queen.”
10 Chapters
character 1 copy 2
The loyal childhood friend – Caliban
He’s strong and kind, but has a passionate side as well.
“I will always protect you.”
11 Chapters
character 1 copy
The mischievous air spirit – Ariel
A confident and playful air spirit that doesn’t really care about humans.
“There is only one thing I value more than my freedom.”
10 Chapters
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