Forbidden Love Triangle ~ Because I’m Your Teacher

 Koyonplete love game 

The romance novels that are featured in KOYONPLETE are written by famous light novel and mobile phone novel authors. There will not be any choices. Experience the touching moments that are aimed toward the matured audience.


You finally becomes the high school teacher that she always wanted to be.
Unfortunately, the president of the student council, Kazuki Monma, is always giving her a hard time in class.
You can find out everything in Kazuki’s chapter.
Why is this ‘President’ constantly giving you a hard time? What does he have in store for her?
Fujii, who often offers advice to you, what exactly is he planning? Could there be ulterior motives?

characters Screenshot_2014-09-18-21-03-47
The Heroine
She’s energetic and extremely enthusiastic about her work, but there are times when she could be seen as clumsy.
She has been having troubles with her students, and often times, she doesn’t know how to deal with them.
Chiaki Fujii
He is the vice president of the student council and also Kazuki’s best friend.
Chiaki is the exact opposite of Kazuki, who is often cool and nonchalant.
Instead, Chiaki offers a lot of helpful advice to you when you’re in trouble.
You will find out more about him in his chapter.
Kazuki Monma
He does well academically and excels in sports.
It is known in the school that the doubles partnership he has with Chiaki is invincible.
However, his rebellious attitude is always giving you a hard time.
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One thought on “Forbidden Love Triangle ~ Because I’m Your Teacher

  1. Hey. 😊💕

    Does anyone know the name off the theme song or if not knowing the name off the song, then maybe Youtube link were one hears the theme song…?

    Been searching, but can’t find name or video off the song. Love the theme song, so would BIG help if ayone could help out, if know….! ❤️💕
    (Know may not so good at sarching or somethibg like that and the reason maybe haven’t gotten result my self and why try ask her…..)

    Thanks a lot if helped with name or video!!! 😃😊💕

    I think the games good and theme songs they choose. By the nice set off the page easy find around, but cute set up and like it, it helps…! 😊😊💕


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